April 18, 2014

moderate couponing: free items at Vons...

If you have a Vons (or Safeway, depending on where you live) near you, you must sign up for their Just for U program. (No, this isn't a sponsored post. I just love me some Vons.) Today I was able to get all three of the above items for free, just by adding them to my card through their website. No coupons needed! Honestly! The three items I was able to get today retail for more than $15, so we're not talking sample-sized freebies here.

When it comes to couponing, I talk a lot about Vons—but it's pretty much just because that's the store I shop at most for regular, weekly groceries and I've become quite familiar with the ins-and-outs of the store. (Also, I love the employees at our local Vons. There is one specific lady who works there who is the sweetest woman ever and always dotes upon Eisley and buys her string cheese. Yes, string cheese is the way to that child's heart.)


At least a few times a month, when I log onto the Vons website (or app, which they recently redesigned) and browse the Personalized Deals section of the Just for U page, I'll come across items that are completely and utterly free. I just add them to my card from there, and they ring up as free when I check out and make sure to swipe my club card. It's the best.

From what I understand, not everyone gets the freebies on their account, and sometimes it is a regional offer or something of that nature. However, I have been getting at least 2-3 items for free every month. I'm not sure if there is a rhyme or reason to the items they offer for free, because I've received everything from taco shells to travel-size face wash. But, hey. Free is free is free is awesome. (Or something.)

I typically come across the freebies on my own, because I check their website every week when I'm making my shopping list, but I know that Krazy Coupon Lady often posts about them when they are available. If you don't often check the Vons website, you can always check there!

Last month I received the below items for free:

I never buy this sort of cookie dough, because I like making cookies from scratch (there's more dough to consume that way, obviously) but since it was free it was a nice little treat. Even though Eisley is way past the baby food stage, I picked up the free jar because I'm a weirdo and like to put sweet potato puree in grilled cheese sandwiches and spaghetti sauce. And the fruit bites were an easy thing to throw in my purse for an outing with Eisley!

Also, if you want to have a little money-maker situation on your hands, you can totally use coupons on free items at Vons. I'm not sure if people will see that as shady, but if a store's coupon policy allows such shenanigans, I say go for it!


  1. I love the freebies from Von's! We get a few every month too and it's awesome, definitely works on their end too because more than once we've started buying something that we got for free because we loved it so much!

    1. I love that you're my Vons-shopper soul mate! ;)

  2. I think you need to write a post just about adding sweet potato puree to sauces and sandwiches... because I am all LET'S GO TO TEA NOW AND I WILL PICK YOUR BRAIN. But since I so far.... blog post? :)

    1. I wish I had a fancy answer for this (one that would be able to justify a blog post), but it's quite boring! My mom gave me a cute cookbook a while back that has kid-friendly recipes packed with the extra punch of veggie purees. I didn't try too many recipes, but one thing I took from the book is that sweet potato puree tastes amazing with cheddar cheese or tomato sauce. You can't really taste it that much, but it adds a small amount of flavor that I love (and having the extra veggies is a good thing, too, eh?).



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