April 22, 2014

Citrus Lane: a peek inside my April box...

It's Citrus Lane time again! This box ended up being my favorite so far this year, so I'm excited to share what we received. I was quite happy with every single item (and was pleased to have a freebie included!).

Here is what we received (keeping in mind that our box is tailored to a 2-3 year old girl):

If my calculations are correct, the retail price of these products is around $47. That doesn't include the dish soap, because it seems to be a sample size and I can't find a price for it online. Still, this an awesome box and definitely worth the price. I was able to use referral credits to cover a portion of the box, but I still feel it would have been worth the regular price tag—as low as $19, depending on your subscription—to stock up on Christmas or birthday gifts.

Here's a closer look at what we received:

Lemon Verbena Dish Soap from Mrs. Meyers — I always want to buy Mrs. Meyers products, but rarely do. (Probably because I can get boring Palmolive dish soap for crazy-cheap with coupons, which is nice but not nearly as pleasing to the eye.) I've loved using this sample and although I'm not a huge fan of the scent, I am a fan of the packaging, so I'm still calling it a win.

Tumblers from Green Eats (by Green Toys) — This brand is something we've seen a lot of throughout our years with Citrus Lane, and we love their products. Although we've only received toys in the past, I was excited to receive these tumblers because we hardly have any "big kid" cups for Eisley. These are so durable, and I love that they are made from 100% recycled plastic milk containers. 

Flower Set from Green Toys — This was the most expensive item in the box (retailing at $27.99) and Eisley's favorite, by far. I always know something is a hit when it's the first thing she grabs in the morning. This set is something that is perfect for her age and I know she will enjoy using it for a long time. It comes with a wide variety of stems and flowers, and you can stack them up a hundred different ways. As with all of the Green Toys products, they're made from 100% recycled plastic—and I personally love the way it makes the plastic look and feel. It's almost impossible to break, and the colors are so vibrant and beautiful. (If you're looking for a fun gift idea for a toddler, I say this is the way to go.)

The Prince's Bedtime book & CD from Barefoot Books — Barefoot Books is another company that pops up a lot in these monthly boxes, and I absolutely adore everything we've received from them. Late last year, we received this book and it is one of my favorite books to read—and Eisley wanted to read it at bedtime for weeks straight. We haven't yet read this new one together (I may save it for Christmas), but the illustrations are gorgeous, and I love that it comes with a CD. When I was a little girl, my sisters and I would sit for hours with read-along books on tape, and I'd love for Eisley to have the same sort of experience as she gets older.

Free personalized card from Treat — This is the freebie I mentioned earlier, and I was excited to see it because I've used this company before! The cards are $3.49, so I will rarely spend that on a personalized card, but I can vouch for the impressive quality and beautiful selection of designs. This card was in the box and has a code for one free card, which I'll definitely be using for Mother's Day. Hurrah!

Along with the above items, there were also coupon codes for both the Green Toys and Barefoot Books websites. I love when coupon codes are included, especially when they're big enough to make it worth it!

If you're interested in snagging a Citrus Lane subscription for yourself or someone you adore, feel free to use my referral link—if you do, you'll get 50% off of your first box (and I will receive a credit on my account, too!). I've received many boxes over the past couple years and have had such a positive experience with this company, which is why I choose to review these boxes here on the ol' blog. If you end up ordering a box of your own, I'd love to hear what you think!

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