April 19, 2014

a little planter makeover...

I have a collection of items I intend to spray paint someday. A collection that has been growing for the past few years, to be perfectly honest. And for some reason, the idea of spray painting things is so overwhelming to me. I like it in theory, but I just never get around to actually doing it. However, earlier this year I vowed to actually start painting the items in my let's-clutter-up-our-home-and-garage-with-these-old-things collection.

First up on my list? A planter that ended up being a deathbed for some flowers my dad bought me last year. (My dad has a green thumb and apparently I did not inherit that gene. I also did not inherit my mom's ability to tan, which is highly disappointing.) But in my defense, I was gone for over a week last summer and Jay totally did not water the flowers every day like he said he was going to. (Which means he murdered the plants about a month before I would have anyway. Ah, well.)

After ditching the flowers from this planter, I decided to keep it around to someday refill with new flowers (or succulents, if I want to take it easy on myself). I finally rinsed it off a few days ago and decided to spray paint it a cheerful blue color, to hopefully add a nice pop of color to our front steps. For reference, the color I used was Catalina Mist (the brand is Krylon) and I picked it up at Michael's.
  planter before & after spray paint | yourwishcake
Quite pretty, right? Or maybe it's just me. I did inhale a fair amount of paint. (It was windy.) Still, I tend to love anything this shade of blue. It's kind of my thing.

I'm planning on picking up some flowers, herbs and tomato plants this week, and I'm looking forward to sprucing up our front steps for the spring. I'm hoping this year they'll all survive a bit longer. (Otherwise I may end up being that person with a porch filled with cacti and dusty silk flowers. Still be my friend?)


  1. That's funny because I can grow anything outside but can't seem to keep anything alive in the house. I mean, what person can't keep aloe alive? Apparently, I'm that person.

    That's such a pretty shade. I painted a wall in my home studio something like it. It's Sweet Mint by Valspar. It's more blue than it is green.

    I saw on your "currently" list that you were watching While You Were Sleeping. That is my FAVORITE movie of all time. My husband bought me a copy for our first Christmas together because I lost mine. I remember watching it when I was a little girl. Sandra Bullock is my the best.


    1. Thanks for the sweet comment, Joy! First of all, 90s romantic comedies are my jam. While You Were Sleeping has been one of my favorites for ages, and I love that it's available to stream on Netflix! :) Sandra Bullock can do no wrong.

      And I killed off some indoor succulents a few years back, so I don't judge you on the aloe thing…haha… ;) Oh, to have a green thumb!

  2. If it makes you feel better we murdered and entire veggie garden last summer, haha. But we didn't properly de-weed and such...so I blame those weeds. This year I am just doing herbs - I spray painted some planters in March - and I have seeds started in eggshells inside. I wanted to start planting outside like a month ago, but we have to wait until mid-May this far northeast. LAME. I wanna plant NOW. *stomps foot*

    1. You have the space to have an entire garden?! I am jealous times a million right now, lady. I keep wanting to ask our landlord if he would mind me ripping out all the rosebushes in front of our house and replacing it with a garden filled with seasonal veggies and herbs. I'm sure he'd be thrilled with that… ;)

  3. Love the cheerful blue! I have some old plastic hanging planters that could use a cheerful upgrade!!

    1. Thank you, Melissa! :) I only have two colors of spray paint at the moment, so most things around here end up blue. I need to find some paint that is mustard-yellow, because that would make my life complete!


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