March 7, 2014

ten thoughts // week three...

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Ten thoughts from the past week…

1. It's like I can't not purchase at least one thing from the Michael's dollar bins every time I'm there (or, as they sometimes happen to be, $2 and $3 bins). This wooden letter called to me—I mean, how could it not? It's even in my favorite color. It is currently residing on our floating shelf, next to my dollar store owl.

2. I think I definitely jumped the gun with the whole potty-training-positivity thing. But, you know. We're still on the right track. (There's no turning back once you've begun! I've already put the Diaper Genie in the garage, so that settled it.)

3. Sometimes the best gift you can give yourself is the simple joy of a guilt-free nap. True story.

4. We ordered new couches last week (to replace these ones that decided to completely fall apart after having them for only two years). They were delivered the day after we ordered them, which was a nice bit of instant gratification, if I do say so myself. It was a bit of a gamble, because they were priced so low and were an online-only deal. So, when they came and ended up being better than I imagined, it made me the happiest I've been in a while (when it comes to our home situation). I'm learning a lot about how making a home is a never-ending process. And sometimes, when I become especially frustrated by our lack of space and rather small living area, all it takes is a little "facelift" to make me fall in love with this duplex all over again.

5. Things that are dead to me: auto tune in country music, high-waisted mom-jean booty shorts (apparently these are a thing?), and celebrity gossip TV shows.

6. I need a new pair of gold flats. My latest pair fell apart, and I was forced to throw them away (which made me feel a little more sad than I care to admit). The problem is, I hate to spend more than $15 on a pair of shoes, so…Payless, where you at?

7. More than an entire day away by myself, I'd like an entire day at home by myself. Man, I'd get so much done. You don't even know.

8. I keep getting the urge to get another tattoo this year. Before my birthday. I'd love to get something a bit larger than my other two (I have one on my foot and one on my lower back), something on my shoulder that would be a little bit of a surprise whenever I wear a sleeveless shirt or a bathing suit. I have the perfect thing in my mind, but at this point it's just a matter of actually becoming brave enough to do it (and to rationalize spending that sort of money on something so frivolous).

9. I can't be trusted alone in a house with several boxes of Girl Scout cookies. It's an issue, really.

10. It feels good to be blogging again. It's weird how my inspiration comes in waves these days, but when I can do it and it feels like it comes easily…then I will definitely keep on keeping on.


  1. the high waisted mom jean booty shorts, are those the diaper shorts? that's what i call them because they look ridiculous and i don't understand how that's a thing. AT ALL!

    also, love that W, so simple and sweet and perfect addition!

  2. Target Massimo has some gold flats that I've been loving! Also, I want tattoo also. *sigh* Money.

  3. I feel the same way about blogging. My inspiration comes and goes and it sometimes feels so hard to blog. Other days it's like there is nothing else in the world. Love your thoughts and that letter "W" is pretty awesome! Have that same owl sitting on my shelf. Happy Monday xxx


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