March 15, 2014

ten thoughts // week four...

1. I actually took out my fancy camera (Canon Rebel XT) this week and snapped a few shots of Eisley that I ended up really loving. (Oddly enough, when I went to edit them I uploaded them to my phone instead of using my usual Lightroom. Photo editing apps are my jam!) This year I need to be sure that quick iPhone photos don't replace the ones I take on my regular camera. It's a tricky thing, which I'm sure many other parents understand. It's all about convenience, at times.

2. I was in need of some new workout clothes, so I stopped by Old Navy this past Tuesday. Thanks to a cardholder discount (10% off every Tuesday), sale and clearance prices, and having a reward coupon from using my Gap credit card, I walked out with $106.58 worth of clothes for only $17.71. I MEAN, HONESTLY. I'll do post about it later on, because it was the best.

3. I love people who make me feel like I have something great to offer the world.

4. For the most part, I feel like I keep a pretty tidy home. But then there are those moments I stand on a chair in the kitchen and take a gander at the top of my fridge and die a little inside. I swear I clean my kitchen. Just maybe not the top of my fridge, more than a couple times a year.

5. I've been selling some of my crafts at a local shop now for just over two months, and this past month my sales were actually not too bad! Not wildly impressive by any means, but an extra bit of money in my pocket is always a good thing. Considering the relatively low price of my items (and the fact that the store takes half my profit), I'm rather pleased. I'm hoping sales continue to grow!

6. When I was young, I remember really hating St. Patricks Day. I feel like I should be the sort of person who loves dressing up for things, but even as a little girl I would be all like, "What do you mean I have to wear something green today? I don't even LIKE green! Who made these rules? How rude!" (I watched a fair amount of Full House as a child, clearly.) At least this year I own at least two green shirts, so not all is lost. Maybe I'll get in the spirit. (But I am making no promises.)

7. This week, I ordered lime green hand weights and the 30 Day Shred DVD from Amazon. Even though I'd rather order sixteen more boxes of Thin Mints from my cousin and call it a day. (Progress?)

8. The past couple weeks have been rather tough when it comes to giving myself grace. I keep feeling like I'm not pulling my weight unless I bring home a paycheck or can make meals from scratch every night or be some sort of all-around Super Mom. These things come and go in waves, and I know that I put too much pressure on myself—that my expectations are most often quite unrealistic…but sometimes there is just no fighting it.

9. I really need a haircut. It's been a while since I've felt my hair is too long, but it's too long. When I'm standing up straight, the ends hit my lower back, which is just insane.) The heat of summer is creeping on the horizon and I'm just not down to deal with this hair-blanket during the toasty months. It's in the mid-80s this weekend, and I'm currently sitting here wondering why I even bothered to dry and straighten my hair this morning when I'm basically a sweatball by 3PM. Maybe I should just learn to perfect more than one up-do...

10. I'm starting to think that ten thoughts for the week may be too many. Let's shoot for five next week, shall we? My brain is on empty.


  1. I restarted the 30 Day Shred Yesterday. Last night, I was like, it doesn't even feel like I worked out! WOOT!

    Tonight? I can't move. So...looks like I won't be doing the 30 Day Shred for 30 days in a row...OUCH.

  2. - You DO have something (many things) GREAT to offer the world. Never question that.
    - Eisley's bangs are perfection. Did you style them?
    - Speaking of Full House, I have the exact same birthday as the Olsen twins. Just saying. I used to think I was their long lost triplet.
    - You did great on thoughts to nine, so maybe not confine yourself to a number? How about an ambiguous "thoughts" instead of labeling things. ;)
    - From a currently-short-haired lady: It'd easier to pull back when not wanting to style it when long, than short.

  3. I've tried to do the 30 Day Shred a few many times, but I always get to Day 4 and then quit. I'm the same with that "Couch to 5k" training plan - I do great for the first week or two, but then I'm just done. I think I need an accountability partner or something …

    I'm also a big fan of Old Navy :) I love it when I get those survey things for 15% off your next visit - I save them until I have a lot of things to buy and then I go crazy :)

  4. Beautiful photo. I do the same thing, I take so many photos on my phone, and my lovely cameras are deserted.


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