March 21, 2014

ten thoughts // week five...

1. I am getting really excited about the prospect of simply homeschooling Eisley—for preschool, at least. I'd prefer to not send her to public school (if we're staying in this area) and I'd also prefer not to have to go back to work just to send her to private school, so…here we are. Also, having been homeschooled myself from 6th grade on, I kind of have a heart for it. I try to fit some sort of learning into our days already, and she is really just so excited about anything and everything. The other day I was talking to my mom on the phone and I looked over at Eisley, who was drawing on her dry-erase board. She had written a row of Hs and excitedly whispered to me, "Look, mom! I drew an H!" Yeah, I had no idea she could do that. Smart gal.

2. Whenever I see a music video, it makes me feel like such a crotchety old lady. I mean, really. Get off my lawn, Selena Gomez. (It's refreshing to see a pop star wearing the clothes of a normal human being, but I still liked you better in Barney.)

3. My best friend's baby shower is tomorrow. I feel like it was just yesterday that I met up with her one morning and apologized for being late, complaining about how my pants were making me bitter by not fitting properly and no, I wasn't pregnant. And she was all, "I AM!" And then I screamed and cried a little bit and was so, so happy. She's one of those people who makes me all teary-eyed when I think about her becoming a mama, because she is going to be the absolute best. I can't wait to meet her sweet baby boy in a few short months.

4. I'm pretty sure I could listen to Lennon and Maisy Stella's version of "Ho Hey" on repeat for three hours straight. True story.

5. We finally got around to watching Frozen (borrowed a copy from a friend!) and it is everything I dreamed it would be. So incredibly cute! I cried a little more than I should have, but that's to be expected.

6. Next on the list of creative endeavors: embroidered wall hangings to add to the shop, illustrated notecards and notebooks, and some sort of a felt board for Eisley.

7. This month I've already earned $40 in Amazon gift cards through Swagbucks. I spent some of that on Easter items and "school" supplies for Eisley and hand weights for me (I'm about to get ripped, except not), but I've decided that I'm going to aim for saving the next $100 I earn to use towards a new vacuum cleaner. I've been wanting a new vacuum cleaner for years (we still have the small one we got right after we were married, and it doesn't have any attachments). My goal is to earn $50 a month for April and May, which I think is totally doable!

8. I need a wardrobe overhaul. Today I wore an outfit that I probably can't pull off right now and definitely shouldn't even attempt after I turn thirty. (It involved a patterned dress from Target and leggings, and I just don't have enough quirkiness to pull it off at this point in life. It's a shame, really!)

9. My newest addiction: beautifully colored embroidery thread. So cheap! And pretty! And I probably will end up making everyone friendship bracelets or something. So, look forward to that business.

10. Here's to a happy weekend ahead. Mmmkay?

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  1. Friendship bracelets!!! Yes!!! Sounds like what we should get together to do next time I am in town. ;)

  2. I LOVE that version of "Ho Hey!" We actually used it for my "first dance" with my step-son at our wedding last August. I thought it was the perfect amount of sweet and simple for dancing with a 5-year-old. And he liked the song, too!

  3. Ah! Frozen! I WANT TO SEE THAT. Also, heck yes for homeschooling!!!


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