March 29, 2014

how to save money at Old Navy...

How to save money at Old Navy |
A little while ago, I mentioned a shopping trip I made to Old Navy—spending only a very small amount of money on a rather nice bag full o' clothes. I've become a bit of a savvy shopper at this store, and wanted to share a few tips on how I've been able to save so much!

I do feel the need to note that this isn't a review post or anything of that nature. Nobody asked me to write it—I just felt the need to share the goodness. I've shopped at Old Navy for years, and although the quality of the women's clothing seems to be a bit hit-and-miss, some of my favorite outfits have come from here, and it is by far my favorite place to shop for Eisley. The quality and adorable designs of infant/toddler clothing make it one of my tried-and-true stores. Although a huge portion of my daughter's wardrobe consists of hand-me-downs and second-hand finds, when I'm able to pay a good price for something new that I know she'll need and wear, I don't hesitate to do so.

So, there's that!

See below for the items I purchased during this particular trip:

2 semi-fitted workout tanks
1 pair of running shorts
1 toddler skirt
4 toddler shirts
Total retail price of items (pre-tax): $106.58
Total amount I paid (pre-tax): $16.25

For this purchase, I applied $30 in card member rewards (which I earned for free, and will explain later on), was sure to purchase only sale and clearance items, and received an extra 10% discount by using my credit card and shopping on a Tuesday. After all those discounts were applied, it brought the price of two of the toddler shirts to only .60 each (one regularly priced at $14), and the workout tanks cost me only $3.79 each (regularly priced at $14.94). The running shorts are regularly $15, and I was able to get them for only $3.81! Heck, yes. 

Read on for my tips on how to snag some deals like this for yourself!

GAP Credit Card Rewards

I've had a Gap credit card for several years now, and I treat it like I do any of my other credit cards: I always, always pay the full balance every month. The only reason my husband and I use credit cards is to build credit and earn cash back or other rewards. I understand that not everyone can do this, and this isn't intended to make anyone feel like poo. My point is that I don't want to be seen as a credit card peddler…I know that it can be easy to get in over your head. However, if you're able to use one simply to reap the benefits of cash back or other rewards, then by all means, do so!

I'm not sure how the Old Navy credit card works, but I'm able to use my Gap card at all of their brands (including Old Navy). With my Gap card, I am periodically sent mailers that tell me when I am able to earn what is essentially free money. They will tell me how many times I need to use my card outside their brands 4+ times (which means any place other than Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, etc.) during the promotion (which usually runs 1-2 months) and how many rewards I can earn if I do it (typically $10-$20). For years, I ignored these promotions because I thought I would have to spend a certain amount of money, or figured it was just them trying to get me to pay interest on my card, but now I regret not paying better attention.

In short: When these promotions run, all I have to do is use my card (typically) 4 times anywhere outside their brands, for any amount, then I receive the $10 or $20 reward on a future statement. I can then print the reward I earn and use it at any of their stores (Gap or Old Navy—or Banana Republic if you're fancy, which I am most certainly not).

See? Free money. Easy peasy.

10% Off Tuesdays

Again with the credit card—I know, I know! But this is one perk that I only learned about during this shopping trip. If you shop in-store on a Tuesday and use your Old Navy (or, in my case, Gap) credit card, you save an additional 10% on top of any other discounts you're getting.

Shopping End-of-Season and After Holidays

I rarely, if ever, buy anything full-price at Old Navy. Their sales and merchandise seem to rotate so quickly that it doesn't make sense to buy something that isn't on sale. Plus, their clearance section is ridiculous. In the best way. I can consistently find t-shirts in the toddler section that are $2 or $3. Add on the discounts I mentioned before, and that makes them dirt cheap. See? Ridiculous. I love it.

It's also an obvious thing to mention, but shopping after specific holidays or seasons is the best way to buy things for next year. With stores like Old Navy, you're always up to your elbows in season-specific or holiday-specific clothing (especially when it comes to infant/toddler/kid clothes!) and if you hit it just right, you can get these things for 75% off or more.

And although I don't personally buy much holiday-specific clothing for my daughter (mostly because I hate buying something that only makes sense to wear for one month), I found that most of the Valentine's Day items I saw in the toddler section were things that would work year-round. They just had to send 'em to the clearance racks in March because they were technically from that holiday. Next year, I'll be all over the post-Valentine's-day deals, believe you me!

In any case, I hope this helps out some of you that are trying to save a bit of money on clothes. And since I'm sharing things today, let me tell you that I also recently purchased a maxi skirt from the maternity section of Old Navy and no, I'm not pregnant…just short-ish. I'm 5'4" and every other maxi skirt I've ever tried made me feel like I was a hobbit. This one fits perfectly, and it's my new favorite thing. So, you're welcome, other relatively short women on the hunt for the perfect maxi skirt!

You can show me your gratitude by sending me Girl Scout cookies, because I'm fresh out.

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  1. These are some awesome tips! We love Old Navy and now that we are moving back to the US, I can surely use all of them! Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback, Chrissy! I'm so glad it helped. (And good luck with your move!) :)

  2. I think this is a dumb question, but what does shop out of their brands mean? Like use your GAP card at Old Navy or Banana?

    1. Not a dumb question at all! I appreciate your taking time to ask. I probably should have explained that better.

      When they run these promotions, they want you to use your card at places other than their stores. Even if I shop at Banana Republic with my Gap credit card, it won't count because it's considered one of their brands. I think that's the reason I find these opportunities so awesome—because they aren't even asking me to use my card to purchase their products! Rather nice. :) I typically just remember to whip out this specific credit card when I buy groceries or gas throughout the month that the promotion is running, so I'm sure to reach the goal of 4 separate transactions.

      And once you receive the rewards, you are able to use them like cash at any of the stores that fall under their brand—Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Piperlime and Athleta. (I'm not at all familiar with the last two, so I didn't mention them!)

      Hope that helps! :)


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