February 26, 2014

things that made me swoon in February...

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It's been a few months since I've put one of these posts together. (Oops!) Some of these things aren't necessarily favorites from only the past month. But I think they're all worthy of sharing, so shall we begin? We shall.

1. PicTapGo — At a certain point in time, I'll have to share my favorite photo editing apps. But this is the first one I'd definitely recommend! I'm not one to actually pay for apps (there are many awesome free options out there), but I ended up paying the $1.99 for this one and feel it was totally worth the price. I use it all the time. There are a ton of filter options (and you can unlock extras by doing simple things like following or "liking" them on social media) and I find that often times, I only need to use one quick filter and a photo will go from meh to absolute perfection.

2. Caroline Cobb — I've only heard a few of her songs (thank you, Pandora!), but every time I hear one it catches my attention immediately. Her style is slightly folksy, and reminds me of other artists who have songs that feel more like storytelling than simply singing—kind of like one of my all-time favorites, First Aid Kit. I took a peek at her website, and you can actually download a free 3-song album preview, which is quite nice. Be sure to listen to "Everything You've Heard"—I just love it.

3. Old Navy's Diva Skinny Jeans — I ended up getting a pair of these in December, because my Gap skinny jeans (which were technically black jeggings, if you want to get technical) were worn to pieces. I needed to find something fairly inexpensive that could live up to my unrealistic expectations when it comes to jeans. I tried on the Diva Skinny style in the color New Rinse and was instantly in love, and they are now my go-to jeans at this point in life. They are incredibly flattering and not too long (which is nice for a girl who is in-between regular and short sizes at Gap!). I like that they aren't too low-rise, and even after wearing them seven times in a row (don't judge me), they aren't baggy or stretched out at all. They're on sale for only $19 right now, so you may want to snag a pair. I may need another, myself.

4. Ink app (referral link) — I raved about the Postagram app a while back, and now I'm here to say I love Sincerely's Ink app just as much. I used the Ink app to send out almost all of our Christmas thank-yous last month, and they came out so perfectly. Instead of offering postcards with a punch-out version of any photo (like Postagram), with Ink you are able to design a full-image postcard. You can insert your photos into pre-made layouts (there is a huge variety to choose from) and send them out right from your phone. So easy! I've been making the calendar cards for Jay to put up at work each month. So cute. And only $1.98 each! (I've been able to use referral credits from Postagram to send out these cards, which is the best.)

5. Julep polish (referral link) — I heard so much buzz about Julep subscription boxes, that I finally gave into the temptation and signed up last year, intending to only get the first box and then cancel right after. Welp, wouldn't you know that in the past six months I have been sent a box two times because I forgot to skip the month? Yeah, I know that's your plan, Julep. YOU WIN. But I have to hesitantly say that each polish I have received from them is always my new favorite. I think that paying $20/month is a liiiiittle steep (okay, a lot steep) for two nail polishes plus an extra item, but at least their products live up to the hype. It may be worth it, if you're wildly into nail polish. Or just want to treat yo self. My favorite colorsAnisaMona and Helen.

6. New Girl — Oh, this show. I am so not a TV comedy person, because rarely am I able to find a current show that makes me laugh as hard as my go-to Friends reruns. But New Girl is so, so good. Last month I spent some time catching up on the most recent season, and nearly every single episode had me cry-laughing at some point. I'll admit to being very cynical about the show when it first came out. Oh, a show about a gorgeous, quirky girl who acts all gorgeous and quirky, blah, blah, blah… But the show has been such a pleasant surprise! It is filled with so many unique, hilarious, and charming characters. It is so well-written and so well-acted. A rarity these days (in my humble opinion).

7. Staedtler pens — I've been working on a lot of lettering and sketching projects lately, and these pens have been fantastic. I purchased the set on Amazon, and it's nice to have the set of 4 (each offering a slightly different sized line). They write so well, and I love 'em. Not bad for just over $10!

What has had you swooning this past (admittedly short) month? Do share!


  1. I LOVE New Girl. Definitely one of my faves that I try not to miss each week.

    Happy wedding anniversary, btw.

  2. Wait a hot second. Your Gap skinny jeans JUST died on you? Like, the ones you got for free YEARS ago?!

  3. Old Navy jeans are all I wear!! They fit perfect and I love how affordable they are. I often wear mine several times in a row too... so I am not judging!!

    And I may need to check out the Julep polish & those pens. Thanks for sharing your favorites, I love posts like these!!

  4. I got a pair of cropped skinny jeans from Old Navy recently and I am really happy with them! Old Navy is kind of winning at fashion lately, actually. I am curious about their new Pixie pants for spring.

  5. I am a total Friends die-hard and I have a hard time loving tv comedies now too. None of them measure up! Two I do love, though, are How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory. They make me laugh *almost* as much as Friends.


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