February 21, 2014

ten thoughts // week one...

Ten thoughts from the past week (inspired by Jenny Doh!):

1. Oh, this beautiful weather. I just want to soak it in this time of year. It's probably ridiculous to say, but a cool breeze through the window on a day like today is almost like medicine of some sort. Next month marks one decade since I moved to California, and to this day I still struggle with feelings of homesickness. Even though Jay and I have created a life together here—created a family, even—I know where my heart will always belong. At least this time of year I get to remind myself how lucky I am to live somewhere like this…flip flops in February, sunset park adventures (as shown in the above photo), beach days in the winter.

2. I've been pushing myself to be active every day, just as a means to be healthier. Not skinny or tiny or size so-and-so or any of those things that used to constantly swirl around in my headspace, whenever I tried to make a change like this. This year I've felt a shift in how I view exercise, eating better, and all of that. It's hard to explain, but I guess mainly I've learned to be content with where I am today. And because of that, it's easier to think of the long-term things…making changes that are good for my overall health for the rest of my life, and not just to fit into a long-outgrown pair of pants.

3. I designed my own business cards (and some postcards that I want to include with Etsy orders), and had them printed though Vistaprint. I wasn't sure how they'd turn out, but I'm absolutely in love. It's nice when things work out like that.

4. All of a sudden I'm completely in love with purple. Lavender, mostly. Especially in combination with navy blue and orange-y colors. I can't way I've ever really loved purple, so it's kind of a refreshing thing to wear a lavender cardigan five times a week and be totally okay with it. (Remind me to do laundry this weekend. A-hem.)

5. We are currently trying to find some decently-priced couches to replace the ones we purchased from Big Lots a mere 2 1/2 years ago. The ones we got were so poorly-made that they're absolutely falling apart. Like, something you'd find in an alley somewhere. It makes me so livid, because we paid a pretty penny for them, and it's not like a normal human being can afford to buy new couches every two years. I mean really. This time around we'll hopefully find something with more longevity that isn't too expensive. Live and learn, I suppose. Le sigh.

6. Today I did my weekly grocery shopping and saved 53% ($75.36). It was the best day.

7. I think a lot about what I want to share here on my blog. Sometimes I envy people who have never shared a photo of their children on their blog, and then other times I think about how there's no way I could ever be that private. Sometimes I just want to write about anything and everything, and then other times I realize that the point in my life when I had that luxury has simply passed and I need to move along. I'm older, I have a family, the internet is so much bigger than when I first started blogging over a decade ago. I have to keep reminding myself that just because I don't write about every detail of my life, that it doesn't mean I'm not being authentic. Sometimes, it means I'm simply being smart.

8. Jay and I aren't Valentine's Day sort of people. (This could have to do with the fact that there is just way too much pressure, but mostly because our anniversary is just 11 days after.) It was such a sweet surprise to have Jay arrange for a couple of our friends to watch Eisley last Friday, so we could go have dinner and see a movie. (If you haven't yet seen Gravity, please do. Because sweet mother.) I want us to go on more dates. I know it's important, but the weeks fly by and before I realize it, it's been six months since the last time we went out by ourselves. It's tricky when you don't have parents or siblings (or other built-in babysitters) who live nearby.

9. I did a Goodwill run this week, which was so freeing. All I want to do these days is declutter and organize. Hopefully by the time we find a new place, we won't be completely overwhelmed by all of the stuff we've accumulated over the past six years we've lived here.

10. I love this blog post by my friend Morgan of Mrs. Priss. I don't read blogs much at all these days (again, gone are the days I have the luxury of doing so) but I'm so glad I stopped by her blog this week to catch this post. It mirrors a lot of what I've been going through the past year, when it comes to being a Christian. Maybe one of these days I'll have the time to sit down and put all of my own thoughts into something cohesive, but we shall see.


  1. 1. I feel you on lavender because I unexpectedly realized I love navy and I wear it and decorate with it and, oh hello, navy.

    2. If you can swing the Ektorp line (and don't hate them) at IKEA, I highly recommend them. Couches are PRICEY, so even though they may feel pricey, they're likely much cheaper than others you are browsing -- and holy carpola, do they hold up! We have had ours for seven years and they look just as new as the day we bought them. We have seven pets (and two messy teenage nephews who visit), and I love being able to WASH the covers. And if you can bear the white or this kind of light taupe (not beige), replacement covers are cheap. We had our first covers for 5.5 years, then switched to the white/taupe combo for preference and they're remarkably hardy and only $29-49 to buy new ones.

    3. I totally agree with # 2. Your # 2, not mine. I realize my numbering my replies made absolutely no sense.... but it's me, that should surprise no one. ;)

  2. I get so much joy from dropping stuff off at Goodwill, it's a bit ridiculous. Also, we've been fortunate to never have purchased a couch yet (all inherited from good friends and family as they upgrade, ha) but good luck as I feel like it's not an easy task!


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