February 12, 2014

some current Eisley-isms...

Eisley girl, December 2013 | yourwishcake.com
The above photo was taken in San Francisco while during a weekend trip we took in December. I probably took entirely too many photos, but this one in particular makes my heart flutter in that typical oh-good-gracious-my-little-girl-is-all-grown-up sort of way. (Something I'm sure to experience at least once every couple months for, oh, the rest of my life.)

It got me to thinking that I haven't done much to record the current Eisley-isms that I want to be sure to remember. And there is really so much. The past six months since she turned two have been so busy, so wonderful, so challenging, so entertaining. She is absolutely a little girl now—no longer a baby at all. As obvious as that may be to some people, there is something very surreal about the transition from baby to toddler when it's your own child. It takes you a bit more by surprise, I suppose.

Eisley is the perfect little sidekick. She's adds this element of adventure to absolutely everything we do. Whether it be a routine shopping trip, exploring a new park, or even sitting in a tire store for an hour while our car is being worked on, she is always so excited about it. We recently had a bit of a scare and had to rush her to the pediatricians office before they closed for the day. (Apparently all she had were hives due to some sort of allergy. I was sure she was dying. Thankfully, she was not.) On our way home from the doctor's office, she was sitting happily in her carseat, sticker in hand, and she exclaimed, "Mommy, that was really, really fun. Thank you!"

It doesn't take much to make this gal happy. I mean, really.

Her current favorite things: breakfast time (she's still obsessed with cold cereal), painting with watercolors, park swings (she was terrified of them up until last month), Caillou, Barney, Hello Kitty, library story time, drawing and coloring (she just learned how to draw a simple eyes-nose-mouth sort of face and I'm just dying from the cuteness), her princess dolls, brushing my hair (weird, I know), playing with pretend food and tea sets, trying on all her shoes, and doing puzzles.

She has become much more outgoing and social within the past few months. It comes and goes, but it still takes me by surprise when she runs towards a park filled with kids she doesn't know, yelling, "Here's me! I'm here! It's Eisley!" She can still be hesitant about joining groups of kids that she doesn't know, but these days it doesn't take much for her to want to make friends. I especially love how she is so sweet. She will often point out things about other kids that she likes, just trying to make some sort of conversation, I suppose. Oh! I love your pink shoes. I like your shirt! Cute hair bow, girl. 

I like that she is still young enough to think everyone just wants to be her friend, and people will always be nice if you are nice. This is a good age, you know?

She sings herself to sleep, which never fails to make me smile. She sings the typical songs of childhood, but also likes to comes up with random songs with lyrics like, "I went runnin' with daddy yesterday…" She has also recently started singing along with music in the car—especially to her favorite CD (Elizabeth Mitchell's You Are My Little Bird). She can also recite a sweet little prayer that I found in a book a while back, complete with hand motions. She also holds us accountable before dinner every night, saying, "Let's pray, guys!"

When it comes to sleep, she's great. Her afternoon nap typically stretches from two to three hours, and it is a bit of a godsend. Although it took her so long to sleep through the night (seventeen months, to be exact) she is a great sleeper now! Bedtime is around 8PM and she is a bit of an early-riser…usually awake and begging for breakfast by 6:30. But it's good. I can't really complain. Although, I do love to reminisce about the days when waking up at 8AM on a Saturday was considered waking up early

Oh, sleeping in. How I miss thee.

A huge milestone has happened within the past week, when all of a sudden Eisley has shown great interest in potty training. It's been the greatest ever. (Can I get an amen?) I'm glad we waited it out a bit and let her show us she was ready to go for it. This is still the first week of us really focusing on it, but I can tell that at this point there really is no going back. I'm hoping within the next month we will be diaper-free! Now if only I hadn't bought two huge boxes of diapers at Target last month…

All in all, motherhood has been so much fun lately. Eisley is an absolute gem. It's amazing to me that I have a child old enough to have full-on conversations with. She is so inquisitive, and quite smart (if I do say so myself). I'm so proud of her. She can be very stubborn and a bit of a spitfire, but I feel like all-in-all the twos have been quite awesome. The good things out weigh the dreadful things by far.

Seeing the awesome little girl Eisley is becoming is pretty much the best. I can hardly believe she'll be three in only six months. Holy moly.


  1. awww, I love this post so much! your Eisley-girl sure is a darling. So beautiful too-- just like her mama. :)

    I think I've said this before, but reading your posts about yours and Eisley's days together bring back SO many memories for me of when Emma was little. I think if I had a blog back then it would have been quite like yours. :)

  2. I wished I lived closer so you, Eisley and I can craft in each other's presence. Alas! Sounds like you are raising a lovely little lady (no surprise there).

  3. love that picture of her! and seriously this seems like the best age, when she can tell you exactly it is she wants and be your little pal. love her little isms, too cute.

  4. She is such an amazing little girl and I'm glad we got to meet her! I love seeing her grow up and you grow into such a comfortable place with her. She is very blessed to have you as her momma.

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