February 27, 2014

recent craftiness: a hand-lettered print...

Something I made, from words that inspired me. #crafternoon #lettering
A goal of mine this year is to create some prints for my shop. I've always been a collector of quotes, and good ol' Pinterest has a never-ending stream of inspiration for me. I recently came across this pin, and wanted to do a hand-lettered version of it. While Eisley napped (speaking of which: thank goodness she is such an incredible napper!), I sketched this out, scanned it, fiddled around with the contrast and added color with Photoshop Elements, and printed out the final product.

I typically stick to only cursive when I'm doing lettering projects, but I like how the bold letters worked alongside my usual style. I'm rather proud of how it turned out, to be honest! Especially because it's the first version I came up with. And in general, it feels good to challenge myself to do something outside of the usual stitching, stamping and paper-crafting that typically represent my creative side.

Granted, in the time it took to make this, I could have been answering emails or doing dishes or organizing a closet or meal planning for the week or working on my many other projects…but sometimes it just feels good to create something out of the blue. You know what I mean? (I know you do.)

And these words I featured kind of hit home, because I realize that as much as I want to be that sort of person—always seeing the beauty in people, regardless of how they treat me or treat others—I am most definitely not that person. It comes and it goes, but often times I'm very quick to judge, especially when someone shows me only their rough edges.

These words are a good reminder. I definitely need it, some days more than others.


  1. This is seriously awesome! I hope you make more, it came out so well.

  2. This is beautiful, Kerri. And I love the Staedler pens... they're German, are they not? :)

  3. Love this! Every single thing about it--colors letters words meaning.

  4. This is beautiful. I love hand lettered prints & this one is so perfect.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  5. Again, late to this party, but I ADORE hand-lettered work, and yours is so great! <3


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