February 7, 2014

a little shop update...

felt wallets | yourwishcake.com
I wanted to share a few new items that I have added to the shop in the past week-or-so. It feels good to be back at it, and I'm looking forward to adding a bunch of new things I may or may not have up my sleeve…only time will tell.

I know I missed the ideal mark for Valentine's Day items, but oh, well! I'm still cutting out felt hearts like woah. I can't be stopped.

love in a jar cards | yourwishcake.com
love in a jar cards (set of 5) | $8.00

goodie bags | yourwishcake.com
polka-dot goodie bags (set of 5) | $8.00

beautiful girl cards | yourwishcake.com
illustrated notecards (set of 2 in muslin bag) | $5.00

felt wallet | yourwishcake.comfelt wallet | yourwishcake.com
embroidered felt wallets (5 new designs!) | $15.00


  1. Your notecard is super cute! Love it.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, lady! I always seem to unintentionally end up working with one group of colors, but I guess it works out. :)


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