February 14, 2014

a bit of a Swagbucks update...

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It's been quite some time since I first posted how I've been able to have success with good ol' Swagbucks, so I thought it would be time to update anyone who is interested in trying it out.

October through January was just a tad busy, so I scaled back a lot of my internet activity in general. Because of that, I didn't earn as many gift cards as I did initially (considering a large amount of my earned swagbucks were from completing surveys). Still, I was able to have nearly $100 in Amazon gift cards for Christmas shopping, and also was able to take part in a music survey that earned me $90. That felt huge to me, because I always put a lot of pressure on myself to find ways to make a little money here and there, or to save as much as I can on extra/unexpected expenses. It's just how I roll since we went from a two-income to a one-income family.

Anyhow, I will have been using Swagbucks for a year this May, and as of today I have earned $220 in gift cards (mostly Amazon, but also a few for CVS and Target)—and because of a survey I took through Swagbucks, I was able to participate in an additional survey that earned me the $90 I mentioned before. So, that's over $300 earned for what I consider to be not much effort.

Not too shabby, I'd say.

I honestly don't have much time to spend online these days, so I'm learning how to best maximize my free time (AKA: nap time or evenings when Jay is otherwise occupied/going to bed early) to include at least some sort of earned income via Swagbucks. Before I actually started using this website myself, I had visions of needing to spend a couple hours a day in order to earn anything significant, but I promise that's not the case. Really!

Here are a few new tips (and updated opinions) on how to earn some extra buckaroos:

1. Swagbucks TV — When I got my fancy phone this past September, I was able to finally take advantage of the SBTV app, which earns you swagbucks each time you've watched a certain number of short videos. What I like about it is the fact that you can basically keep the app running and you don't even need to watch it. Is that cheating? I think not. (There have been more than a few times I've been sucked into watching movie previews for ten minutes, so they still win.) Every now and then you may have to acknowledge an ad that runs in order for the next video to begin, so it's not something you can leave running all day without doing anything. But, still! Even if you use this app every day during a routine activity (say, making dinner or your drive to work or while you read before bed), this is by far one of the easiest way to earn swagbucks—even though it takes some time for them to add up.

2. Special Offers — I don't do these often, but every now and then I can find a handful of iPhone app offers that only require my downloading a free app, then opening it, in order to make a quick 20+ swagbucks. (I delete the apps after downloading, but I still receive the credit!) I probably check the special offers once a week to see if there are any simple (and free) options.

3. Surveys — I feel like my success with surveys has dwindled quite a bit over the past several months. Most days I shoot for completing at least one, but I always set a time limit of trying to qualify for surveys before I just move on with my day. Time is of the essence, right? At this point, I've become a bit savvy when it comes to recognizing the surveys I'm 99% sure I will qualify for. I can almost always get into music surveys (which take less than 10 minutes) and sometimes I luck out with higher-paying surveys that are typically for something specific to parenting or babies/toddlers.

4. Referrals — If you have a rather large social network, the referrals can be quite fantastic. The folks at Swagbucks recently added a promotion that is good through 2/25, and is pretty awesome. When people use your referral link to earn swagbucks, you earn 10% of whatever they earn forever and ever amen. Referral credits used to max out at 1000, and they could only be from what people earned through their search engine, so this is actually much better! You can earn 10% of what they earn through most parts of the website (with a few exceptions, of course).

5. Swag Codes — Swag Codes give you extra points by entering the code in the top bar of the Swagbucks website. They're typically given on Swagbucks social media outlets, and sometimes there are several a day—typically ranging from 3-10 swagbucks each. They're not huge amounts, but it's worth it to add them in when you can! My best bet at catching them before they expire has been to follow @SwagCodezAlertz (oh, my gosh, the spelling makes my eyes bleeeeed) on Twitter, because they give you the codes right as they come out. That way, if you're like me (and not very attentive to social media), you can get them that way!

I've been using this website long enough that it is something I have genuinely benefited from and would recommend, otherwise this post would not exist! (Which is all to say: Nobody told me to write this; I just feel like free gift cards are things all of us should have. Mmmkay?)

If you're interested in trying out Swagbucks for yourself, let's do this thingUse the code "FreeGiftCards" to receive an extra 50 swagbucks when you sign up—but be sure to enter the code on the registration page to receive credit. (Click the text, "I have a signup code!" which is directly under where you enter your password information during signup.)

Have you had any luck with Swagbucks? Do you have any tips to share? Do you want any other advice? Let me know!

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  1. oh no, the code isn't working!

    1. Sorry, Shelby! That may have been an issue on my part, as I forgot that swag codes and such are always case-sensitive. Oops! Try: FreeGiftCards (and let me know if that doesn't work, either!).

  2. Huzzah! You're so good. I lost interest after a couple months, mostly bc I would end up being disqualified from so many surveys. (Will try again when I am a mother/a pet-owner/in the market for major appliances.) In the meantime I have a giftcard to TJMaxx.... I should look into how to spend it. Haha.... xoxoTi

  3. Swagbucks basically covered all of my Christmas shopping on Amazon and it was amazing. Seriously, saved us so much money I was just so excited.


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