January 13, 2014

who I am (at the moment)...

Just your average Monday selfie. Carry on.
I am…

…realizing that I may end up unintentionally embracing the ombre trend, because at this point in life it may not be worth it to shell out the dough it takes to keep up a truly blonde mane. Ah, well. I keep seeing photos of myself when I went darker last year, and in hindsight I rather like it.

…turning 30 a mere seven months from now. More than anything, it just feels weird to say I'm going to be thirty. Thirty. How is this real life? I remember when I was a kid and seventh graders seemed like they were my parents age, so it's a little odd to reach the point in life where people in their thirties seem so young. And they are, in the grand scheme of things. Perspective, right?

…navigating my way through the terrible twos. I thought we were going to make it through this age without much of the typical tantrum-y behavior, but no such luck! She's still a gem, but there have been a few meltdowns here and there that are really challenging me in many ways. On a lighter note, we are making a bit of progress in the whole potty training arena, so…perhaps not all is lost.

…rather excited about a meeting I had today with the local shop that will be featuring some of my crafts. There's something about peddling my wares in person that makes me feel slightly awkward, but this year I want to be a bit more confident when it comes to promoting what I do and what I make. Baby steps, people! I will have my own shelf of items to sell in one of my favorite children's resale boutiques, so that feels like a good first step. I'll be setting up on Wednesday, so I'll keep you posted on the progress!

…working on a bunch of new felt wallets, notebooks and prints to add to the shop in the next couple weeks. I'll post a bit of a preview once I get things organized.

…eager to start running again this year. Granted, since I prefer running in the evenings, we'll have to wait until it stays light outside longer, so as not to risk being chopped to bits by a creeper. (Law & Order: SVU, you've ruined my life. Or saved it. Perhaps we'll never know.)

…committing to three things for the year ahead: clarity, care and simplicity. In every way.

…a huge fan of the following things: embarrassingly early bedtimes, New Girl, dark nail polish, and 80 degree weather in January.

…glad I took some time away from the ol' blog in December. I've been reevaluating a lot of things, and ended up deciding to take down sponsorship all-together—for now, at least. I'll be keeping things less scheduled around here for a bit. I also won't be promoting all my posts on social media (which is something I tried doing a while ago, but felt pressure to keep my stats up for sponsors). I read a few blogging-for-profit books towards the end of last year, and thought I'd come up with some realistic goals and dreams for this space. As it turns out, it's just not in me to put in the effort right now. My time is a precious commodity these days, and I'm in the midst of picking and choosing what things truly deserve my attention. I'll still be blogging, but this year it's going to be about keeping it simple. Which is a good thing, I'm sure.


  1. Love this. Also I couldn't agree with you more about SVU/Criminal Minds/CSI/any crime show I've ever watched for basically ruining me when it comes to strange noises and being anywhere by myself after dark, ha.

    Also, hurray on selling your stuff in shops! I know it will fly off the shelves!

  2. Congrats on selling your lovely items at the local shop! I always find it's such a stressful endeavor approaching new businesses to see if they're interested in carrying my work. It's a little like asking someone out on a date, am I right? God, I do NOT miss dating. ;)

    On turning 30, I'm still a little over three years away myself, but it's already starting to freak me out a bit (in the 'OMG, I can't be thirty, I haven't accomplished enough yet to be a successful thirty-something' kind of way). So I'm currently working on that.

    I always love your "who I am at the moment" posts. I'm a long-time reader but I'm pretty shy about commenting.

  3. SO GLAD you decided to maintain this blog. I blogged about my "word" for 2014 being "simplicity" so I totally understand where you're coming from. I also removed sponsorship ads from my blog, although I decided I would still work with local companies if approached. But my goal has never been to monetize and I just want to blog about things I genuinely enjoy. I hope that's what blogging comes back to this year (they say everything is cyclical). Also, thirty isn't old -- it's just Friends old. ;)
    xx Abby a geek tragedy

  4. Yay for selling your crafts in local shops :) That's super exciting! I remember thinking the tantrums my son threw at two were "cute" - like "Awwww, he's trying to throw a tantrum!" Then three hit and OH MY GOODNESS. I never thought I would be the mom that checks out books on discipline at the library but yeah. It's rough sometimes!

  5. I love your hair so much. And you, of course. :)

  6. I laughed out loud at the SVU comment… we'll never know. I may or may not have made my husband check in our air vent one time to see if there was a hidden camera… which sounds completely pathetic as I type it out…

    And I always love these posts :)

  7. How are you almost 30? You were younger than I am now when I met you, which feels like it was yesterday! I have a feeling 30 will look darn good on you, sister.


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