January 23, 2014

moderate couponing: this week's CVS trip...

moderate couponing, CVS this week! | yourwishcake.com
I'll be sharing more of my couponing successes this year—in an effort to get everyone on the moderate couponing train. Yes, I'm talking to you. Soon enough, you will be texting friends and family about how you paid just over one dollar for two of your favorite bags of coffee and it is the best day of your life, hallelujah! Or something of that nature. I know that I get overly excited about the weirdest things at this point in life, anyway. (Be prepared.)

Anyhow, I haven't done many CVS trip lately, because last year I was able to stock up on all the necessities that I used to spend way too much money on. (For the record, retail pricing = way too much money.) I now have 6 months - 1 year worth of the following items: shampoo/conditioner, razors, face wash, deodorant, dry shampoo, lady products, hand soap, and shave gel. Before you get the idea that I live in a hoarder house, I must say that I go through a lot less of these things than I used to think. We live in a fairly small place, and I don't take up that much extra space with my modest "stockpile"—and I find it's been so worth it to buy these items in advance, both for the savings (I've saved more than 50% off of retail prices—typically more), but also for the last-minute shopping trips that I now avoid because I have extras on hand.

This week, I realized we were nearly out of body wash, so that's why I headed over for a quick trip! After checking Krazy Coupon Lady, I saw CVS was offering $6 ExtraBucks back when you spent $12 on certain products—that's a 50% savings already, not even looking at sale prices and coupons. SOLD. Let's do this thing.

Here is the breakdown:

     2 Lady Speed Stick deodorants, on sale for $1.99/each
     Used 1 BoGo coupon (from coupon inserts)

     2 Softsoap body washes, on sale for $3.00/each
     Used 2 $0.75 coupons (from coupon inserts)

     2 Speed Stick deodorants, on sale for $1.99/each
     Used 1 BoGo coupon (from coupon inserts)

     Received $6 ExtraBucks for spending at least $12 (before coupons) on specific products
     Total price (taking the ExtraBucks into account) = $2.48 before tax

Which means each item only cost me around $0.41. Which means that even though I didn't need any deodorant, I couldn't pass it up. (I added them to a bag of things I donate to our church periodically. It's amazing how much I can give by spending so little!)

As a side note, I do receive two sets of coupon inserts every Sunday, which has been a nice little boost for deals like these! However, we only receive the second newspaper because we were able to get a free subscription through a promotion from my cousin's school. I promise I'm not dumpster-diving for extra coupon inserts.


If any of you have any questions about couponing (the kind for the average human being and not the ones who spend 40 hours a week creating their shopping list), ask away! I'll be putting together some more posts about all I've learned within the past year, and hopefully help more of you join me in this madness. Because it's a rather delightful sort of madness.


  1. Good for you. Saving money and donating. Satisfying on all accounts. I'm like you a moderate couponer and love all the savings!

  2. I love, love, love your moderate couponing posts... I've jumped on the bandwagon myself. It's so rewarding.

    One thing I thought about the other day that made me think of you: did you know that sometimes prices differ GREATLY between stores?
    I remembered you posted about your love for Gevalia coffee and I wanted to try it... so I did, when the local grocery store had a coupon. (BTW: LOVE IT!)

    Anyway, at the grocery store, a 12 oz back ran for $8.79 (without coupon)... at CVS it's even $8.99... but did you know that Target sells the same product for 30% (!) less (without any promotions going on!). $5.99... that's insane! (So I stocked up).

    1. Sorry for the crazy-late response, but YES. You are so right to point out about the price differences between stores! It's kind of insane that the frozen veggies I love are more than $3 at Vons, but are typically just over $1 (or sometimes .99!) at Winco or Target. It's maddening, but forces me to pay more attention, which I'm sure is a good thing in the end. :)

      And hurrah for amazing coffee prices! Gevalia is delish.

  3. I just started couponing a few months back so this is exciting that you will have tips here too! I have no stock pile (yet) but I have all of the coupons... It's a little tricky to figure out at first! But yes, totally jumping on that crazy train :D

  4. Do you check Coupons.com for coupons too? I find a lot of duplicates there, in addition to the ones that appear in the newspaper inserts, for items I always buy. And they will usually allow you to print two of each coupon per month!

    1. Yes! I love coupons.com—for exactly the reason you mentioned. Some of the higher value coupons I find in the newspaper can pop up there, which is pretty darn awesome. :) Thanks for the comment, Dawn!


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