December 1, 2013

the December blog break...

blog break |
Just a little reminder that I'll be taking a break from blogging during December. (You know, so none of you think I randomly fell off the face of the earth…or something of that nature.) This year, I want to be completely and entirely present (for lack of a better word) during all the celebrations, festivities, and memories made. I feel tugged in so many directions these days, and in my search for peace I've decided a month away (to clear my head and such) is probably the best way to go.

I should be back with a vengeance in January—and who knows? I may pop in here and there to post something if I really feel like writing or sharing something especially fancy. (I am typically overwhelmed with inspiration the second I step away from something…isn't that always the case?) 

We'll see how this goes.

I'd like to wish everyone a very merry (and bright) Christmas season! I hope it's filled with love and laughter and more baked goods than you can shake a stick at.


  1. "than you can shake a stick at" I love you.

  2. Happy Christmas to you and your family :)

  3. Merry Christmas to you and your family :)

  4. I feel the same way about inspiration -- I am complaining about it one minute and overwhelmed with it the next. Merry Christmas love. <3
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy


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