December 10, 2013

a little shop update (open through this weekend!)...

crocheted hair bows |
Oh, hello, there. It's just me, popping in to say a little hello—and to let you know that I am reopening my shop through the weekend with a limited amount of new items (and a few old favorites)! I wasn't sure I'd have time to do any sort of Etsy-ing this month, but somehow I was able to bust a move and complete some items I'm a little bit too excited about. (See also: Reasons I'm always tired and haven't gone to the laundromat in two weeks. Oh, wait. That's typical. Never mind.)

Another fun little announcement is that I finally talked to a local shop to see about selling some of my items there, and the buyers were definitely interested in working with me! I meet with them again in January to hopefully get things rolling. It's been a long-time goal to branch out to selling in shops and such, so this feels like a good step for me. I'll definitely keep you updated as I move along with that whole shenanigan...

Anyway, here's a peek at some items that are available now in the shop! Please note that I am only doing US shipping for the time being (unfortunately, international shipping prices have gone completely cray and until I can figure out a better estimation of cost and such, it's too tricky and hurts my brain).

I will keep these items up in the shop until the evening of Sunday, December 15th. All orders will be packaged up and shipped out on Monday to ensure delivery by Christmas!

fabric pin | yourwishcake.comfabric pin |
fabric pom-pom pins (with free stamped gift bag!) | $5
available in blue, pink and yellow

crocheted hair bows | yourwishcake.comcrocheted hair bow |
crocheted hair bows | $8 for set of two
available in mustard/mint & mustard/blue combinations (more colors to come!)

wishcake scrap packs |
scrap packs | $5 per pack
10 packs available; perfect stocking stuffer!

stamped muslin bag |
love in a jar goodie bags | $10 for set of 5

I have a few other things that I'm busy finishing up and hope to have listed before the weekend rolls around. But, as always, we shall see!

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  1. YAY! I've been reading your blog forever and I am seriously so excited for you to be branching out with your shop. You have such inspiring taste and style and I know whatever you make for their shop will sell like hotcakes. HOTCAKES, I SAY.


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