November 7, 2013

'tis the season for doily snowflakes...

Dollar store doily snowflakes! Tis the season, I say. :)
As a girl, I was legitimately obsessed with making coffee filter snowflakes. I don't even think we really did it that often, and maybe it was more of an annual elementary school craft, but I remember always thinking it was so magical. Every time.

Last year, I made a bunch of these from dollar store paper doilies—taping a few to our front window, and also added them to Christmas packaging (so simple and charming!). I can almost always find packs of these doilies at my favorite dollar store, and I stock up when I can. I cut out simple shapes, and also use my favorite tiny hole punch to add a few extra circles here and there. And as nice as the good old fashioned coffee filter snowflakes can be, I prefer using these doilies because they already have so much lacy detail. It doesn't take much to create something quite pretty. Right? Right.

I was trying to find something creative to fill one of our mornings this week, and I ended up digging into my stash and making a few to put on the windows. Eisley, being only two, had more fun trying to throw the discarded paper bits all over the carpet and cover her doll with bits of wash tape, but still. I love that she's almost old enough to do these sorts of crafts.

(I'm sure her doll, Baby Lisa, would have another opinion. After about five minutes she was covered in washi tape "bandaids" and seemed to be giving me the stink-eye. Poor dear.)

I had Eisley choose where she wanted me to tape up the snowflakes, and we called it a day. It may never snow here in Southern California, but early November is the perfect time to adorn our front window with some festivity. You know, in my overly-festive, any-day-after-Halloween-is-fair-game opinion.


  1. Totally fair game! I just went to the dollar store yesterday and was so impressed with all of their beautiful Christmas stuff. This may just be the year we put a gigantic red glittery bow on our front door!

  2. I love paper snowflakes. (& so much better than the real thing. Or at least that's my own staunch Michiganian opinion! haha)

  3. Love these snowflakes! Fake California snow is almost as good as the real thing :)


  4. Gorgeous I also love making paper snowflakes, and the lacy bits on these are so pretty!!

  5. Love these! Such a great idea to use doilies : )

  6. Your photos are always perfection. Now I want to make doily snowflakes. I am so ridiculously ready to decorate for Christmas, I can barely contain myself.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy


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