October 8, 2013

moderate couponing: Starbucks coffee stock-up...

 moderate couponingModerate Couponing: Starbucks stock-up!
As if you weren't already feeling like this is slowly morphing into a couponing blog…here I am posting about my favorite deal of the week. (Yes, this is something I'm going to do here and there—but only for the best deals I've actually purchased myself, and only when they're for items I think you would also want to snag for yourself!)

So! Moving along…

When I opened the Target ad on Sunday, I noticed right away that there was an awesome deal on Starbucks coffee. This week, when you purchase 4 bags, you receive a $10 gift card. I knew I already had two printable coupons for $2 off 2 bags of Starbucks coffee, so now was the perfect time to bust them out!

Here is the breakdown:
     4 bags of coffee at $6.99/each = $27.96
     Use 2 coupons that total $4 in savings
     Receive $10 Target gift card for future purchases
     Total price = $13.96 ($3.49 each!)

To make it an even sweeter deal, I used a $10 gift card that I had earned through Swagbucks (referral link, my dears). That means I only paid .99 for each bag. Not too shabby, right? I was pretty excited, because we're now stocked up on good coffee for months and months (and months and months). I went with a variety of blends because somehow it's more fun that way. I've only tried the Veranda Blend thus far, and it is delish. Do you have a favorite?

If you want to stock up on some coffee yourself, you can find a printable coupon on the Starbucks website. (You should be able to print the coupon twice per computer!) I hope this helps anyone else who finds they are already looking forward to the next morning's first cup of coffee when they go to bed at night. Because I totally do that. No shame.


  1. Basically any coupon/deal involving Starbucks is always worth it :)

  2. Seriously, keep doing this! Or if you've got a ton of followers who don't want free stuff (um, who are they?) I would follow the crap out of a "Moderate couponing" blog. Because Krazy coupon lady makes me Krazy overwhelmed.

    1. Thank you for the feedback, Jennifer! I've learned so much this year that I'm kind of bursting at the seams to share everything I possibly can. I'm glad the idea of moderate couponing appeals to some other lovely ladies. :)

  3. I love your couponing-tips. Keep them coming :)

  4. Okay, you've created A Problem with me because now I want to coupon - and have realized I am apparently a couponing idiot because I am not grasping BASIC things. Like... say I am on TKCL's website for Walmart, and it says something like this...

    C&H Light Sugar & Stevia Blend, 40 ct $1.92, regular price
    Use $2.00/1 C&H Light Product, Limit one coupon per person
    Final Price: $0.08 Moneymaker

    I can't grasp her math. How does that become $0.08? And what does "$2.00/1" mean when I click the link and the coupon says $1.00 off?


    Also, clearly, I lost your email address or I wouldn't have left this pathetic commentary on your blog. Love me anyways?

    1. Haha…you are my favorite! :) It takes a while to figure out the whole verbage of KCL (and every couponing site seems to word things a bit differently, which is why I stick to reading only one!).

      For the moneymaker thing, it means that at that certain store, if a coupon is worth more than what an item costs, you'll get the overage to keep. So, in essence, you are being paid to buy it (even if it's only .08, it's still more-than-free!).

      Does that make sense? I think there are only a few stores that do this (most I go to will never give the overage).

    2. ::blank stare:: No, but that's okay, you already have one toddler so I'm sure you don't need me asking more questions (though I still don't get how a coupon that is $1.00 off and says 1 per customer somehow becomes $2.00 off one item on her site... sigh).

      I did, however, save $1.00 on the overpriced fancy pants juice Sean needs weekly, so.. I kind of feel like super woman.

  5. I love the French Roast the best, but Veranda blend is a close second :)


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