October 21, 2013

Citrus Lane: a peek inside my October box...

Citrus Lane: October box! | yourwishcake.com
Last week, our latest Citrus Lane box arrived—and I was oh, so thrilled. It's probably a good thing we aren't rolling in the dough, otherwise I'd totally be that person who orders every single subscription box on God's green earth. Honestly.

This month's box focused on two parts of a child's daily routine: playtime and bedtime. I am so pleased with what I found tucked inside! Well done, folks at Citrus Lane. And although it seemed like a smaller number of items than normal (typically there are five, if I remember correctly), I love each of them. Here is what I received (and again, keep in mind that boxes are targeted to a specific age, so this box is for a 2-year-old girl):

Citrus Lane: October box! | yourwishcake.com
BOPS from Good Boy Organics — Eisley and I shared these chips as an after-nap snack the day the box arrived. She ate a bunch and I ate a bunch and the vertict is: yum! I haven't seen these in the store we frequent, but they're something I'd pick up if the price was right. Although we don't eat only organic fancy-pants snacks, I've been paying much more attention to ingredient lists on the products I buy. I love seeing only things I recognize (and a very short list, at that). If you're a fan of Baked Lays chips or veggie straws, you'll love these chips! But if you're used to the good ol' fashioned sort of potato chips, these may not appeal to you. Fair warning.

Puppy Slide Flute from Hohner Kids — I may have done a little bit of a jig when I saw this flute in the box. Eisley's cousin has one of these, and she loved using it when we were visiting them earlier this year. I'm saving this for her Christmas stocking!

Dreamz To Go Nightlight by Cloud B — Out of everything in the box, I was probably most excited about this adorable little night light. When you turn it on, it projects stars onto the walls. I think I'm going to tuck this away for when we get a bigger place and Eisley has a room of her own. (Fingers crossed for that happening within the next year.)

Ladybug Magazine (and 3-month Digital Subscription) — In one of the first boxes I received after Eisley was born, we received a copy of Babybug, which is the baby version of this magazine, and since then they've been a library favorite. I'm a little surprised she received the Ladybug version in this box, because it is for ages 3-6, but she's loved looking through it so far! Our favorite part was a set of paper dolls on the back page, which we cut out and played with for a long time. Cute! I am waiting to hear back about the digital subscription, but I'm hoping that will be fun for Eisley to look at on my iPhone.

All in all, I'm very happy with this month's box! I'm going to be saving most items from my upcoming boxes for Christmas and Eisley's birthday next year. This is such a fun way to get items I wouldn't have thought of buying—and saving a bit of money in the process.

Did you get this month's box? Did you love it? Do share!

If you're interested in snagging a subscription for yourself or someone you adore, feel free to use my referral link—if you do, you'll get $10 off of your order. That means your first box will be $15! Rather nice, I say. Also, thank you to anyone who has used my referral link to purchase a subscription—you're all peaches. Hope you're enjoying some happy mail days!


  1. I am always so tempted to order one of these boxes when I see you post yours - but with two boys it's a little out of our budget. Such cute stuff, though!

    1. I hear you on fighting the urge to give in to these sorts of splurges! :) I paid full-price for several boxes when Eisley was younger, then we had to stop because it was too much money to do EVERY month. I'm grateful that referring Citrus Lane to my friends and blog readers has enabled us to continue our subscription. (You're able to earn credits for each referral, and can put that towards boxes each month!) You can also search for promo codes online, if you want to just do one box (perhaps for a birthday month?), because I know I've seen them online every now and again.


    2. Ooo, good idea! Maybe we'll do November and December to have some stocking stuffers. :)


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