October 22, 2013

always, sometimes, never...

 photo always_zps58e1a60b.jpg
…cherish the two or three hours I have to myself during Eisley's naptime every day. I really don't know what I'd do without it. (Or what I'd get done without it.)
…manage to skip breakfast on Sunday morning. I need to fix this, because a handful of goldfish crackers during church just doesn't cut it.
…want to take naps, but it never actually happens.
…love blasting my own favorite music when I'm in the car alone on a rare, glorious occasion. Mumford and Sons, the Backstreet Boys station on Pandora, Miranda Lambert, the Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat soundtrack, or whatever else fits the mood. It is bliss.
…get so excited on rainy days, windy days, chilly days, or any sort of weather that feels like a novelty here in Southern California.

 photo sometimes_zps5d37cdfd.jpg
…feel like all I want in life is a home with a back porch, a vegetable garden, a laundry room, and built-in bookshelves around a cozy fireplace.
…need to take an afternoon to myself.
…wish I would make a better effort towards getting to know my neighbors. But at this point, I feel so awkward asking their names after we've been saying cheerful hellos to each other for years.
…toy with the idea of doing some freelance design, writing an e-book, sewing and selling pretty things. I may as well dream big. Looking back over the past decade, there are many things I've accomplished that I never thought possible. I can't help but continue to wonder what is around the next corner.
…want to have five children, but I don't tell my husband because I'd prefer for his brain to not explode.

 photo never_zpsd8abe8a5.jpg
…have been or will be a morning person. It's just not going to happen.
…buy a piece of clothing that isn't on sale.
…thought I'd end up living this far away from my sisters and parents, even though I'm the one who moved here in the first place (almost ten years ago). Some days it's still hard to realize that my life is here and not there.
…drank non-expresso coffee until I became a mom, and now it is one of my favorite parts of the morning. (And possibly the afternoon.)
…give myself enough grace. But I'm working on it.

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  1. Love this.

    I always say I want to nap but luckily I can usually follow up with that request, ha.

    And I'd love to have five kids and a house with a porch and a laundry room. But same goes, no telling Matt, I'm afraid he may keel over at that thought, ha.



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