September 30, 2013

things that made me swoon in September...

September Swoonage 
1. Gevalia coffee — For years, Jay and I have been buying Folgers coffee from Costco, just because it's cheap, and we didn't see the point in spending more on coffee. But I was recently able to snag a couple bags of Gevalia coffee from CVS for free and ohhhhh, mercy. It's going to be hard to go back to Folgers after this. I mean, really.

2. John Mayer's Paradise Valley — This album has a similar sound to his Born and Raised album, which is quite different from his earlier stuff. It took me a few listens to get into it, but now I'm in love. To this day, Heavier Things remains my favorite album of his, but I still enjoy his new, more country/twangy sound. Favorite tracks: Wildfire, Waitin' On The Day, Who You Love, Badge And Gun.

3. Garnier Moroccan Oil — For most of September, I let my hair try naturally instead of using my blowdryer (thank you, heat wave!) and this oil was a life saver. My hair has changed a lot in the past few years (since having Eisley, it has been less curly/fuzzy and I can go a few days in-between washes) but it's still hard for me to avoid frizz when I don't blow it dry. When I put this on my hair while it's wet, then wrap my hair into a bun for it to dry a bit before letting it down, the result is something I actually like. I also use it on my hair (the ends, mostly) in-between washes, too—it makes it feel so much healthier.

4. Ibotta — To those with fancy-pants phones, I recommend this app as a way to save a bit of money each month. I've earned $25 in the past month—mostly on items I was already going to buy. Basically, what you do is complete polls/post social media shout-outs/view information on products within the app for each item they're offering a rebate for. After you buy the item (you can shop almost anywhere), the app allows you to take a photo of the receipt and scan the item for the rebate. Within a couple hours, you get the rebate into your account, which you can transfer to Paypal. Easy as pie! I love that they offer extra bonuses, too, for referrals or for completing at least one rebate each week for a month. Although I don't use it every week, it's nice to take a peek at what they're offering to see if I am able to combine their offers with other coupon deals. I've had some good luck so far!

5. Sunsweet Ones — One of my sisters recommended these to me, and at first I was like, "EW, GROSS!" But, as it turns out, prunes are remarkably delicious. Who knew? Eisley loves them, too. They're just "big raisins" to her. Just don't tell her they're actually prunes, okay?

6. Simple Mom podcast — I discovered this podcast after seeing someone mention it in a tweet to someone else, and I'm eternally grateful. It feels good to listen to what are basically conversations between a couple moms. It's like talking with good friends (even though I don't exactly get to chime in, myself!). I love the wide variety of topics, and I find Tsh absolutely charming.

What made you swoon this month? Do share!

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  1. Just bought some of that hair stuff because I need something to defrizz me on my non-blowdry days. Thanks!

    1. You're welcome! Another blogger recommended it to me, and I love how these things make their way through the internetty world. ;) Hope it works as well for you as it does for me!

  2. I love that Garnier Moroccan Oil. On humid days it helps tame the frizz so much!

  3. My grama also loves prunes. She claims she eats them for the potassium, but I think we all know the truth. :)


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