September 2, 2013

my September to-do list...

Stack of magazines I swear I will get around to of these days.
This month, there is a fairly long list of accomplishments I hope to actually, well, accomplish. I always like to get a peek into the lives of other people via their lists of monthly intentions or goals, so I thought I'd share my list for September.

1. Actually go through my stack of unread magazines from the past several months. I get so ridiculously excited when I get magazines in the mail (I currently subscribe to Parents, FamilyCircle and Real Simple), but most of the time I don't get around to thoroughly reading them for months. Some days all I want to do is to leisurely flip through a magazine, but when I try to do just that, I end up jumping up to do something else every few minutes. I annoy myself sometimes. I really do.

2. Reorganize our kitchen, top to bottom. Toss or donate any old/unused items. Clean the fridge. Scrub the floor. Reorganize the drawers and cabinets that are currently a little bit terrifying to look through.

3. Come up with a pre-pre-preschool schedule for Eisley next month. After talking with my best friend (who is, quite perfectly, a kindergarten teacher), I feel confident that I can fit in a bit of "school" time with Eisley every day. If only to make our daily routine a bit more interesting for us both. Eisley, having just turned two, is so eager to learn anything and everything, and I think she'll have so much fun. We'll keep it very easy; just a short window of time each day, filled with songs and stories and coloring and such…all tied together somehow with some sort of weekly theme. (We'll see how this goes.)

4. Thank you notes (for our trio of August birthdays). I've had them sitting by the computer for at least two weeks, and have yet to actually sit down to write them.

5. Blog more. I've been saying this for ages, and it's going to happen, people. I'm going to stop stressing myself out about it and just write.


  1. I would love to see posts on what you do with Eisley! My son will be three in November. I try to do things with him, but he's such a wild boy that he just wants to do what he wants to do! I know I need to try harder!

  2. I have an August kiddo too & we're actually starting "school" tomorrow! I'm trying the "letter of the week" curriculum from "confessions of a homeschooler." It's a bit printing-heavy but she has all sorts of crafts/worksheets/activities for the letters along with an informal & flexible lesson plan for guidance. Definitely not going to be strict about anything but my son, like E, is so excited to learn & I desperately need some help getting motivated to do crafts & something creative with him. We'll aim for 30mins to an hour of "school" everyday but I have very low expectations. I think he's going to LOVE it though and I feel excited too :) I feel silly using the word "curriculum" for a 2yr old but I have a 4mo old too & have no time to plan new things each day. This takes all the thinking out of it & I just have to prep/print the materials each week. I'd love to hear what you do w/E & probably steal some of your ideas! You're far more creative than I am!

  3. these sound like some great goals! your blog is lovely.



  4. I am the WORST at reading magazines! It got to the point where I just stopped subscribing because I couldn't keep up.

    Do you ready Simple Homeschool? I loved their piece on homeschooling preschoolers - it's totally my "philosophy" if I had one!

    1. Such a late response, but thank you for sending that blog post along! Love it. Totally will be following that blog now. :)

  5. I need to make some goals for September.
    Right now mine are focused around exercise and health... I suppose that's not a bad thing. My goal is to keep on keepin' on with the stuff I have committed to (ex. my couch to 10 k).

    Oh and I really need to get through my stack of magazines too!

  6. We are on eek 5 of our 2nd year of homeschooling. This year I am including our 2 1/2 year old daughter. We use and

    These sites have awesome resources!!

    Here are some great websites for "themed unit" ideas:

    I also let her play around on these websites:

    1. Oh, wow! You are a gem! Thank you so much for sending me this list. I'll definitely be referring to it once we get around to organizing our "school" time for her. Thank you again! :)

  7. Great goals! Mine are to read 4 books (1 a week) and sew some of my massive fabric stash (I can't buy more til I use what I have)!


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