September 19, 2013

Citrus Lane: a peek inside my September box...

Citrus Lane
Oh, the joy of a good mail day. I love brown paper packages (even when they're not actually tied up with string, although that would be the best ever). I received my latest Citrus Lane box this week, and it did not disappoint. I love seeing subscription box reviews, and finding out if they're ever worth the while (and, well, the money). So, as long as I'm getting them, I figured I'd give you all a peek inside!

I ended up waiting to cancel my subscription (I received a few referral credits, which are always a good time!), and this month I'm glad I kept it around. The boxes typically have some sort of theme, but this month's seemed a little loose to me. They mentioned something about September being the start of fall, and that you'll be spending more time indoors, but they must not be familiar with Southern California, because at this point I'm all, "Gimme some boots and a light breeze and I'm GOLDEN!" Autumn is my favorite season here, because it feels more like home.

But, you know. To each his (or her) own.

Here are the items inside this month's box (and keep in mind that boxes are targeted to the child's age, and whether they are a boy or a girl—so, my box is for a 2-year-old girl):

Citrus Lane review
ABCs by Charley Harper: I was so thrilled to receive a book this month! Eisley is definitely a bookworm already, and I love having new books in our storytime rotation. The illustrations in this one are so gorgeous that I wish I had prints of them all.

Super Toddler Bar from Happy Family: I gave this to Eisley the day we received the box, and you would have thought I gave her a block of chocolate. She loved it. We don't typically buy toddler-targeted snacks (unless I get a great coupon deal), so this was such a treat for her! I snuck a bite, too, and it was delish. Like a rice crispy treat, but healthier.

Goody Bag from North American Bear Company: I was going to keep this for Eisley's stocking, but I realized that I already had enough saved up from the past few boxes, and that it wouldn't hurt to give this to her right away. This little poodle bag seems to have been created for girlie toddlers, because Eisley adores it.

Playful Wash from Episencial: I'm quite happy this isn't lotion, because man. We never use lotion. (Baby kind, anyway.) But body wash? Yes, please. Especially the fancy all-natural stuff, because I'm usually too cheap to splurge on something like that.

Nail Polish from Julep: When I first started getting Citrus Lane boxes, they always tucked in a special treat for the mamas, but the past few boxes haven't included anything (that I can remember, at least!). So, I was pretty excited to see this nail polish when I opened the box. It's a gorgeous dark-greyish purple color—perfect for the new season. I recently ordered one Julep box, which I got for free, but I'm not really that crazy about nail polish, though, so I don't think I'm going to continue the subscription. I can say that their polish is great, and also safe for toddler toes, which I appreciate!

There are typically one to two little "extras" placed in each box (promo codes, coupons, etc.) but this month the only additional items were some coupons for baby/toddler foods. I can't say this was my favorite box of all time, but I'm loving the fact that every single item will definitely be used (and loved)!

As a side note, one thing I do wish they still did was to include a retail price for each item included inside the box. On the product info sheet, they used to list that information, and I used to love seeing how much money we saved by getting the items from Citrus Lane. I'm sure they have their reasons for removing that info, but I do miss it!

Did you get the September box? What was included in yours? I'm always curious about what others receive, since each one is age-targeted—and nobody knows what will be inside until you receive your box in the mail. (Hurrah, surprises!)

If you're interested in snagging a subscription for yourself or someone you adore, feel free to use my referral link—if you do, you'll get $10 off of your order. (That means your first box will be $15.) Not too shabby, right? Right. Let's do this thing.


  1. I love subscription boxes! I've never tried this one but it looks great. They would be a total splurge for us right now though & we have to cut out every single extra expense we can, boo!

    Does Eisley let you paint her nails? I've never tried with Meredith but maybe she would surprise me!

    1. Yikes, sorry it took me ages to respond! Eisley has only recently been sitting still long enough for me to paint her toes. I usually make is a Really Big Deal so she feels very important and fancy, and will act very mature while I'm painting them (even though it doesn't last too terribly long). :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I have always wanted to try out a monthly subscription box- glad to hear your honest feed back. I just signed up to try this for a month (used your referral link woohoo)- so we will see how it goes! Excited to get the first box! :)



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