September 24, 2013

a small list of loves...

Laundry day helper. #eisleygirl
Although I absolutely dread laundry day, it typically ends up being much quicker than I anticipate. I guess one perk to not owning a washer and dryer is the ability to do four loads at once. Two-and-a-half weeks worth of laundry is done in under two hours. Also, I love my laundry helper. She is at the perfect sidekick age right now, helping me with things as we go along.

When I went in for my hair appointment in August, my stylist gave me a free haircut. A free haircut. I typically only get my hair cut once a year, and she knows this, yet she shrugged and offered anyway. "It's your birthday! It's my gift to you." Customer for life. She is always so thoughtful, and I love how she gets my current place in life, and understands that I'm not someone who can afford to throw down a bunch of money every few months—the way I used to when I was working full-time. Plus, she whispered to me that the Kirkland shampoo and conditioner from Costco is basically the exact same formula as Pureology, and that I should totally get some. I love this gal.

I finally joined a local mommy group (finally, finally!) and was so pleasantly surprised at the first meeting last week. I loved it. As cheesy as it sounds, the minute I stepped into the building, my heart felt so full. There's a certain power in being surrounded by a huge group of loving, encouraging, like-minded, open-hearted women. Plus, Eisley did great in the toddler room—especially since this is the very first time she's ever been left in an unfamiliar place with nobody she knows. She was weepy by time I picked her up, but I know it will get easier. I know this is going to be a good thing for us both each week.

We're in the midst of planning a Christmastime trip to the Northwest—home, sweet home!—and I'm so excited. I love that Eisley will be able to see both sets of grandparents on Christmas. And I love that we will be surrounded by siblings and parents and nostalgia and cozy winter weather.

I love when people get me. And understand perfectly what I mean, how I feel, what I'm going through. The comments on my last post really warmed my heart…so, thank you!

Our current evening routine feels so perfect these days. Even after a long day, Jay walks in the door to quite the welcome from Eisley, and never disappoints. While I finish up dinner, he will play with her—puzzles, coloring, or general tickles and tumbling. I recently ordered a booster chair for Eisley, so she now sits at the table with us and we eat together as a family. This is the first time in our marriage that we're consistently eating dinner at the table, and I love it. The rest of the evening feels like the perfect ending to any busy day that we manage to survive. I'm learning that I definitely do thrive on routine, and perhaps it's best to embrace that.

And what are you loving today?


  1. I'm loving that adorable photo of Eisley!

  2. Super cute photo! She's getting so big...and those flowing locks!! : )

  3. Adorable photo. Also, I am glad to not be the only one anticipating Christmas -- I'm all TOO SOON, but also YAY!
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  4. Love that photo! There's just something about reveling in the "little" things isn't there? I'm learning that even though they may seem small, they're usually the most important.

  5. Blah blah blah you knowww I adore your kid but let's talk more about that shampoo! For reals?!?!

  6. Thank goodness I'm not the only one who gets a once a year haircut!! Your stylist sounds so wonderfully kind & understanding. :)

  7. I'm so horrible with laundry, which is weird because I don't find laundry a boring chore, nor do I think it's hard, or even time consuming. But actually putting in, taking out, putting in, folding, and putting away... it's just hard, for some reason, haha!

    I loooove good shampoo and condition! Also YAY for your group, and coming trip! :D

  8. Sometimes I think it would be a MUCH better idea to go to the laundry mat. I'm sure I would dread it - but getting ALL my laundry done at once sounds heavenly!! My washer and dryer are so crappy too - so I'm better it would be much more cost effective.
    I might have to think about this.

    That picture is SO cute!!!

  9. I totally understand the hair issue, I used to work at a hair salon and change my hair up every month, now I'm lucky if I go in once a year for a 'proper' haircut, the rest of the time I'm dying and trimming at home... rawr. That's for the tip on shampoo & conditioner. I hope you guys enjoy your christmas trip :)


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