September 13, 2013

a small collection of good things...

A small collection of good things. On the blog!
1. I received this adorable zipper pouch from Katie Henry over at Made By Hank, after helping her out with something on her blog (a long time ago, actually!). I had been using it for laundry-day quarters, but when I got my iPhone I realized this little pouch is the perfect size for it. I've loved her designs for years, and this item is no exception. I'm glad I'm using it more often, now that it holds my phone.

2. I've been going through some items in my crafting nook, and came across a notecard I had intended to sell, but never ended up listing. I'll be sending it to someone this week!

3. This address book is something I picked up from Target a couple years ago, and I'm trying to get it updated with the most recent addresses of friends and family. (Why does this feel so exhausting? Goodness.)

4. My parents purchased a flat of raspberries while I was visiting them in July, and I was sure to snag a few of the (unstained) leftover containers. I have seen these beautifully-blue baskets all over Etsy and such, and I'm trying to figure out what I want to use them for. Ideas?

5. So, it's September, and even though it's been toasty-roasty in my neck of the woods, I'm starting to get the itch to decorate for the new season. For now, I'm going to place this felt garland on my good ol' floating shelf (and will also be brainstorming ways to inconspicuously take a bunch of pinecones from the park without looking like a crazy lady and/or hoarder).


  1. I get Topher to collect pinecones for me. That way people are more "Look at that cute little boy, gathering pinecones!" than "Look at that crazy lady!" Whatever works ;)

  2. I have a few labels that are "____ things" and I love when someone else does too! Those are all really good things. Let us know what the blue baskets become... I'm thinking bathroom storage? Line them buffet style at parties with treats? CD/DVD bins?

  3. Another book you would enjoy reading is called,"Left to Tell: Discovering God Amidst the Rawandan Holocaust", by Immaculee Ilibagiza. It's an amazing story of survival...very inspiring! It's similar to "Alive in the Killing Fields", but set in Rawanda.

  4. i totally had to laugh at #5. two nights ago i went pinecone hunting with my little guy. i made it a game so i wouldn't look like a nut collecting pinecones. a 3-year-old looks totally normal collecting bits of nature. a 30-year-old, not so much. when my husband realized i was actually keeping the pinecones, he made me stick them in a ziplock bag for a few days to kill off the bugs. oh, what we do to make our home look festive! i'm sure your sweet girl wouldn't mind helping either ;)


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