June 30, 2013

on things that made me swoon in June...

June swoonage.
1. The 7 Experiment by Jen Hatmaker — I've been working through this book with a small bible study, and it's been pretty eye-opening. I love Jen's writing style, and I like how challenging I find the questions she asks. I feel like this is the perfect time to be working through a study on simplicity, and I'm loving it so far!

2. Side Effects — It's been years since I've watched such a brilliant psychological thriller. Absolutely loved it. (FYI, you can snag a free rental from Redbox with the code: DVDONME. It's been floating around for a while now, and you can use it once per each credit card—which means Jay and I have enjoyed several free movie nights. Hurrah!)

3. Steel Cut Oats — I picked up a bag of these at the grocery store when I noticed they were on clearance for only $2.50. I've wanted to try them for a while, and I'm so glad I did! I topped them with banana slices and a bit of syrup (I know, the syrup probably took away any healthy factor, but at least it was homemade syrup, right?) and they were incredibly delicious and filling. I'm eager to try this recipe for a baked pumpkin version. (Pumpkin in summertime? Heck, yes!)

4. Favorite Things Pencils by Amanda Catherine Designs — Could these pencils be any more adorable? I think not. At $12 per set, these are such a cute, unique, and not-too-pricey gift idea.

5. Florida Georgia Line, Here's to the Good Times — Sometimes I feel bad for people who don't like country music, because albums like this are just so good. If you do happen to be a country music fan, I feel like this album is a must-have. Listening to it just puts me in a good mood. Granted, a couple of the songs are a little cheesy (one of the songs is actually titled "Dayum, Baby"; nope, not kidding) but this is one album that I've had on repeat for at least a few weeks. Favorite tracks: Hell Raisin'  Heat of the Summer, Get Your Shine On, Stay, Round Here.

What is on your list this month? Any new favorite songs, delicious breakfasts, or Etsy shops I should know about?


  1. I want to try steel cut oats, I am just worried I won't like them. I love those pencils and oh my gosh, country music is my FAVORITE. Have you ever heard I Cross My Heart by George Strait? That's mine and Jen's song!!! I am ADORING the Pistol Annie's and I can never get enough of Brad Paisley, George Strait and Chris LeDoux music. Look them upppp, if you don't already know 'em!

  2. Side Effects! Such and intense movie. Did you start to see it coming after a bit?

    Also, Jude Law is pretty dreamy in this. Good to know about the free rental...

  3. I liked that movie (after I got over being a little confused for a while) but Jude law was great!

  4. Awesome list! I'll definitely add the movie to our queue and those pencils are so cute, even though I don't really need pencils. I've just gotten into country music and love Florida Georgia Line! Get Your Shine On is a big fave of mine. I can't believe I went so long not liking country!

  5. Homemade syrup? Did I miss that blog post?

  6. Always looking for a good movie to watch - thanks for the tip! Mmm... steel cut oats. Although I have to admit I'm too lazy to make them most of the time, and end up doing overnight oats instead.

  7. one of my husband's good friends is the manager for Florida Georgia Line....and I have to admit I STILL haven't listened to them!

  8. My sister saw 'Side Effects' and she liked it.
    I do like country music! I tend to like only the guy singers though, since a lot of the music is very pop sounding to me.
    But I like Florida Georgia Line! I have to check out their full album!


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