June 15, 2013

on giving gifts: old books and recycled wrapping paper...

a gift for a friend
This past week I picked up an old (yet charming) book from my favorite used bookstore. I was tempted to keep it for myself, but when I initially saw it on the bookshelf, it instantly reminded me of one specific person. So, I figured it would be the perfect gift for her. 

Plus, if I keep picking up every quirky old book I see because it "called to me", then I am going to have to invest in a storage locker at some point. Which is a step I'm not quite ready to take. 

At least not yet.

an old-timey book for a friend
Man, I wish books were still only ninety-five cents. Those must have been fun days.

a stack of books
Before I set it aside to wrap, I had it sitting on top of my few vintage issues of Alice in Wonderland. I always look for copies of Alice in used bookstores, but they're difficult to come across (at prices I'm willing to pay for used books, anyway!).

my handy-dandy supplies
I know I've mentioned my love of kraft paper as wrapping paper, but let's take it one step further, shall we? I recently received an order from Amazon (containing a froggy potty—which currently serves only as a tiny chair for Eisley to use while brushing her teeth, apparently). Aside from the item inside, the box was filled with a ridiculous amount of brown paper. I mean, someone on Project Runway could make an evening gown out of it. (Is it weird that that was my first thought? I have issues.)

Anyway, I was actually excited to see the paper because I love using it to wrap shop orders and birthday gifts and all of that. I know that upcycling items has become quite trendy, but it makes me happy. There's truly no reason to spend anything on wrapping paper—especially when you can keep the paper simple, and spend all your money on washi tape and bakers twine.


a gift for a friend
I used one of my paint-chip gift tags, and embellished it with glitter tape and a quote that is one of my current favorites.

"brown paper packages…"
I love how the wrinkled paper gives it a very brown-paper-packages-tied-up-with-string sort of look. Messy, yet put together. Old, yet new.

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  1. Love this! So creative- looks like a hundred bucks!


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