May 6, 2013

on five good things...

1. I finally spoke with our landlord in regards to the stretched carpet and peeling paint that have been giving me angry feelings for the past six months. And by "spoke" I mean "wrote a tiny note that I tucked into an envelope with our rent check because calling our landlord makes me nervous". He came over right away to survey the carpet and paint, and the next day he let me know that he will be able to have our carpet re-stretched and cleaned (CLEANED!), as well as have the peeling parts of our walls re-painted, all for free. Can I get a hallelujah? It's going to be difficult for us to figure out how to move all our stuff out for the day, but for this we will manage. This is such a fantastic deal and I couldn't be happier.

2. Three words: Target coupon stacking. Did you know Target has coupons on their website? That you can use in addition to manufacturer coupons? Last week I got a pack of razors that were normally $8.99, used a $4/off manufacturer coupon (from the paper) and stacked it with a $3/off Target coupon and paid only $1.99. They also have coupons for things like apparel and shoes and other things that you probably don't know about but really should. Right now their Merona sandals are on sale for $12 and they have a $5/off Merona footwear coupon on their website. Looks like I'm finally going to get myself some new sandals…

3. My dad bought me some flowers for our porch when he was in town, and it kind of made my life complete. He's so thoughtful. When I walk up to our front door, it looks much more like home now. (Even though we've been here more than five years, I've never had any flowers on our porch!) He also bought me some herbs to keep in a planter, which I'm entirely too excited about. Eisley is quite smitten with our new additions, too, and always feels the need to tell the flowers, "Good morning, flowers!" and "Good night, flowers!" and "Hi, flowers! Target! Byeeee!" (She likes to keep them informed on where we're headed, apparently.)

4. I put together a small care package for one of my grandmas (who still lives in the town where I grew up) and I'm going to send it her way this afternoon. It feels good to do things like this for people I never get to see, who still mean so much to me. (Also, it's nice to try and repay her for the handfuls of M&Ms I used to consume when visiting her as a child.)

5. Eisley took a three hour nap. Two days in a row. And my life is complete. Amen.


  1. YOU MADE MY LIFE COMPLETE. Thank you Target for having coupons. I love you more. And, Eisley sounds so incredibly darling. I think you should write a children's book based upon her talking to flowers.

  2. Eisley is so adorable! It's weird/cool that you can write about her actually SAYING things now... I feel like I'm reading a book where a new character has just been introduced. It's fun. Haha :)

    Also, thanks for the Target coupon tip... I have been intimidated by couponing up till now but will have to give it a try!

  3. I wish I had known about Target coupons. I shop on their website but I never realized that they had coupons! I wish I had waited to buy my Meronas!

  4. I use the Target apparel coupons to buy things off the CLEARANCE rack, which is how I buy dresses for like $6 sometimes. YAY COUPONS.

  5. GAH, I had NO idea about the Target coupons. Thank you for sharing. As Adam and I plan our wedding and all that it entails, I'm trying to get better about finding coupons and good deals... I've always been one who refuses to pay regular price for msot things, but I know I can save us even more money with just a little time. I cannot become a crazy coupon lady, but it's encouraging to me to pick up little tips from people like you! Thanks!


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