May 2, 2013

on current projects and current thoughts...

the blanket…finally done with the squares and now it's time to connect!
I feel like this space is rapidly becoming more of a craft blog than anything, but I guess that's not necessarily a bad thing. When I started posting regularly again, I thought a lot about what this blog means to me, and what purpose it has served in my own life—and the more I thought about it, the more I realized it's always been pretty much what I needed during each season of my life. Right now, it feels good to take more photos, to share projects, to keep things light.

I have so many word-y posts on the tip of my tongue (or fingers?) and I guess it's just a matter of time before I really sit down to write them. For now, it feels good to just focus on things that are simple.

As far as crafting goes, I have yet to funnel any of this inspiration into my shop. (Etsy burnout, ahoy!) I'm thinking that instead of forcing it, I'll just let it be. I know things will swing around in the other direction at some point this year, and then I'll finally get around to breathing new life into my shop. I'm also hoping my best friend and I will join artsy forces to do another little craft show together this summer. 

We shall see…

I've also been doing a bunch of other random things—making Mother's Day cards, working on a few new things around the duplex, ordering prints of photos from the past year, trying to figure out how to assemble my granny square blanket (as shown in the photo above)—in-between being what felt like a single parent this week.

God bless single parents, by the way.

My husband has been mostly absent for the past week, working with a local film festival again this year. (This is his sixth year—which is hard to believe!) I didn't make it out to any of the films or after parties this year, which I'm okay with, having enjoyed many of the festivities in years past. Mostly, I always feel like a fish out of water when I have to be at any event that is even remotely glitzy. Even more-so now that I'm a parent with a fondness for things like early bedtimes. (No shame in my game.)

Heels? I don't have them, nor can I wear them without walking like a yeti. Fancy dresses? I don't fit into the only one I own. Snob face? I prefer to smile at people and not carry around handbags that cost more than my Toyota Yaris. And I think it's difficult for Jay to see these things from my perspective, because it's much different to attend events like this when you're a guy. Put on a Justin Timberlake suit and you're golden! I mean, really.

It would have been nice to get away for an evening or two, though. (The free drinks and amazing food and people watching at events like these are like no other.) I wish I could be more carefree when it comes to leaving for the night and having someone watch Eisley. I just worry too much about things.

On a lighter note, I'm happy to report that my lingering paranoia about being murdered in my own home has somewhat subsided. By day three of Jay being out super late, I was able to loosen my grip on my holy-crap-I'm-home-alone nightime rituals. Granted, Jay tried to get in the front door after the second night and realized he was locked out of the screen door. At which point, I had to explain to him the true depths of my madness.

me: Well, in order to be truly safe, I have to lock the screen door, as well as the two locks on the front door. And then I close and lock all the windows. And then I lock both locks on the back door, sliding the highchair up against that door and locking the wheels, so in case someone manages to get through both of the door locks, they won't be able to physically open the door anyway and they'll have to go murder someone else. Brilliant, right?"

Jay: eyes of judgement

In any case, it's been a long week. But I (we) survived.


  1. Your posts make my day

  2. Hilarious. I know all about the paranoia about that stuff. :)

  3. I'm lucky I don't get nervous about being home alone, since my husband works late about 2 nights a week. It's plenty to feel exhausted by solo parenting, though! So are you saying you never leave Eisley home with a babysitter? There must be someone you can trust -- I bet you need a night out!

    1. We've left her with babysitters before bedtime quite a few times, but it's the whole making someone else put her to bed thing that makes me worry. We did it once, and it was very difficult to put her to bed without me there! I worry less about Eisley (she's a trooper) and more about the sitter who has to deal with the weepies. :)

      Eisley goes to bed around 8ish, so luckily that still gives us enough time to go out to dinner and such! Hopefully later on I'll be more brave about the later outings...

  4. I dont think we could be anymore alike. Love this post.

  5. "I realized it's always been pretty much what I needed during each season of my life."

    Yes, that's what I love about blogs. They reflect US. They are meant to evolve along with us. They are fluid and dynamic, and a long-standing testament to our growth.

    1. Amen, sister. That's why I always get sensitive when I see people complain about bloggers "changing" or becoming a different kind of blogger. Um, hi? That's how life works for any and all of us. Online or not.


  6. I'm in the same phase of life as you right now and crafting also seems to be my outlet! My favorite blogs these days are those like yours, lots of crafts with some personal stuff thrown in. So, carry on. :)

  7. I just want to say I love your blog, no matter the phase, and have been following for a long time. I think there's a lot of pressure in the blogging world to live up to what people expect from your blog. But I also think that not staying true to who YOU are and what YOU want your blog to be only makes for a blog that feels forced. So kudos to you for recognizing you are where you are and that's fine for now - AND that it will most likely change in the future. You've gotta do YOU :)

    1. I don't know what to say except: you made my day. Thank you. <3


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