May 3, 2013

on crafting cards: Mother's Day style...

DIY Mother's Day crochet cards |
If this looks familiar, it's probably because it's pretty much the same idea as a card I made last month. When I decided I wanted to make some cards for not just my own mom and mother-in-law, but also for a handful of other mamas who inspire my emotional little heart, I thought it would be fun to re-create that original card several times over. And switch up the colors, of course. Now that I feel like I've mostly perfected these crocheted hearts, it's easy to make a bunch of them in a short about of time.

This is the first time I made hearts with the yellow twine (which is a wee bit thicker), and I think the hearts ended up being too bulky to send safely through the mail inside a regular envelope. I'm going to stick with mailing the red-and-white twine hearts through regular mail, and will tuck the yellow heart ones in the larger packages I'm sending. Just in case!

DIY Mother's Day crochet cards | yourwishcake.comDIY Mother's Day crochet cards | yourwishcake.comDIY Mother's Day crochet cards |
Cards: similar here
Ink: similar here
Washi tape: similar here
Glitter tape: purchased at Michael's; similar here
Yellow twine: purchased here
Red twine: purchased here
Pattern for crocheted hearts: found here

To create the loop for the hearts, I just pulled a loop through the final stitch until it was the length I wanted, then made sure to weave in the end enough that it wouldn't come loose. I may have to revisit these hearts yet again when the holidays roll around…and I may cover my entire Christmas tree with them…oh, dear.

DIY Mother's Day crochet cards |
I'm rather happy with how the cards turned out—and I'm actually thinking of offering sets of these cards in my shop. I've always liked the idea of cards that also come with something that is a bit more lasting (enter: adorable crocheted hearts!), so we'll see if I can manage to make this happen…

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  1. I love that they can remove the hearts and use them for decoration or even turn them into a necklace or something!

  2. these are so sweet and cute, i love them!

  3. New Reader!! This is such a creative way to show raw love & emotion :)I love this. xo

  4. They look fantastic!


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