April 5, 2013

on the floating shelf (April edition)...

the floating shelf (April edition)
Yesterday I spent entirely too much time rearranging the floating shelf in our living room. (For reference, here is December's version!) Although I had taken all the holiday components off ages ago, it still didn't feel very spring-y. I wanted to lighten it up a bit, so I switched the darker frame out with a white one that had been in our kitchen for years. And (after wiping crusty food bits off the thing for a solid ten minutes) I really liked the result. It lightens up the space significantly with just that one change, right?

From left to right, here are the details:
  • My favorite turquoise frame with a print from Decoylab. (I don't think this specific piece ever leaves the shelf. I love it too much!)
  • White candleholder from Ikea. (I think this is technically a drinking glass, but who has to know?)
  • A wooden letter.
  • A turquoise dish I purchased from Target right after Jay and I were married; it is the perfect length to hold three tea lights.
  • The aforementioned white frame, featuring a piece of cardstock that I adore. (Cheap decorating, ahoy!)
  • A framed photo of Eisley.
  • A lotus catchall dish that was a gift from my aunt.
  • The same ol' vase and fake leafy stems that are always there.
the floating shelf (April edition)a little dish
It's really quite embarrassing how long it takes me to be satisfied with the arrangement on this shelf. Am I the only person who is so obsessive about these sorts of things? I can't walk away until it "feels" right. There is no method to my madness, either. After I think I'm happy with the set-up, I have to walk into the room from different doorways to see how it all catches my eye, to sort of act like I'm seeing it for the first time. Feel free to judge; I know I'm weird.

When Jay got home I still wasn't happy with what I'd put together, so I'd periodically walk in front of the TV (which is below the shelf), adjusting something by a centimeter, switching out candle holders, scooching over a frame, accidentally-on-purpose blocking the current programming on ESPN. I love that Jay could really care less about the way I decorate, because I put way too much thought into how certain things look, and I have a feeling we'd butt heads constantly if he wasn't so indifferent.

Maybe someday I'll tell you about the time we were registering for our wedding gifts and had the biggest fight over a certain bright orange beanbag chair.

Jay ended up registering for the chair.

Someone bought us the chair.

The chair is currently in the garage.

So help me God.

with a peek of my favorite mirror
I've noticed that I seem to always stick to the same palette of greens and yellows and blues when I decorate. I always want to add in a punch of warmer tones (maybe coral or red?), so maybe next time around I'll try to find something a little out of the ordinary. But I have to admit, I love how the print matches my favorite scalloped mirror (purchased from Uncommon several years ago), as seen peeking out of the photo above.


  1. I think it looks pretty great! Even if you think it might be annoying to others that live with you, this trait of fussing around with the decor until it looks just right is a GIFT! A gift I do not have, sadly. I have shelves and walls that may never get decorated, because I just can't bring myself to care enough to make it happen (although I would love it if someone would do it for me!)

  2. I LOVE the fact that you have this little floating shelf that you rearrange and redecorate every few months. You do a great job matching patterns and colors!

  3. The part about Jay's indifference and the bean bag chair made me laugh out loud. I am the same way though! So comforting to read this when I normally feel like an OCD freak compared to my husband. He seems completely oblivious to aesthetics of any kind

  4. Thanks for the inspiration! I'll be setting up my new apartment soon with two new floating shelves to decorate...they make me way happier than they should :)

  5. Hey at least you have a colourscheme going! We always end up buying souvenirs on holiday that don't match what we already have at home... And I'm glad you say you obsess over where to place things exactly, because I do that all the time too (my husband thinks I'm slightly crazy...)! :)


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