April 28, 2013

on colors and such...

color crush
I recently rediscovered a box of colored pencils I was given as a girl, and decided it was the right time to let Eisley use them. (We've finally passed the stage where she felt the need to color all over the walls, her books, the fridge, the doors, and Jay's magazines. Well, mostly.) I could tell she was starting to get a little bored with her limited selection of washable crayons, so I did a quick search of our closet to find my colored pencils.

I'm so glad I kept these, because I know that there have been times over the years when I've wanted to just throw them away—considering I never used them. But my pack-rat mentality tends to kick into high gear when making a decision of that nature, so I have passed them around from home to home, box to box, closet to closet.

When I pulled them out a couple weeks ago, Eisley's face lit up. She nodded her head wildly, saying, "Soft! Soft!" while patting her chest. (This is what she does when she wants something and is trying to assure me that she won't destroy it.)

I had forgotten how much fun they are to use, since they are artist-quality pencils. And the colors! Oh, the colors. These pencils end up all over our living room coffee table and floor (I guess toddlers can't exactly limit themselves to the one-at-a-time rule), and at least a couple times a day, a few of them—having fallen into the most perfect color combinations—will catch my eye.

I love noticing these sorts of things, because it always happens when I'm at a point in my life when I'm taking time to be truly creative and artistic and such. It's rather nice. It makes me feel like a real artist.

color crushA lefty, perhaps?
color crush
For a while, Eisley would color almost exclusively with her left hand, which made me totally giddy. But now it seems she's a righty, for sure. (The above photo was taken a bit ago.)

As I shared on Twitter, we try to maintain a scribble-free coffee table by covering it with kraft paper (from the dollar store), which works quite nicely. Eisley typically prefers to color in coloring books, but even then she will end up outside of the page sometimes, so having the paper on the table helps keep me from obsessively cleaning it throughout the day. It also provides me with space to do a bit of doodling, myself:

I'd forgotten how much fun colored pencils are.
PS: The winner of my mascara giveaway is the lovely Doniree. Hurrah! Doniree, your mascara will be on its way to you this week!


  1. "She nodded her head wildly, saying, "Soft! Soft!" while patting her chest. (This is what she does when she wants something and is trying to assure me that she won't destroy it.)"

    Omigod I just died.

  2. Your handwriting and doodles are so perfect!

  3. This post wants to make me break out all my colored pencils I've got stashed away!!!

    PS- I've read your blog for awhile now but Im a sucky commenter. PROPS to you to keep going after all the crappy crap you got from people on those CRAPPY forums. I really enjoy your blog - you are fresh and honest and blog about what you want to - and I really admire that! Think of it this way - at least your blog is big enough to have people who get bitchty and jealous of your success :) haha. Anyway. all that to say keep up the good work :)

  4. Yes, that "soft soft" thing was soooo sweet! They're a little bit of a mess to clean up, but my son has really been loving drawing on our sliding glass door with window markers (don't get the window crayons - they are evil and impossible to clean off).


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