March 31, 2013

on some March swoonage...

march swoonage
1. The Killing — Oh, my gosh, this show. The second (and final) season is now available on Netflix streaming, which meant I stayed up way too late in order to watch it all in a matter of days. (It's so not the best show to watch before bed. Mercy.) It took a while to get into the first season, but it is a fantastic show. Rather dark and a wee bit depressing at times, but a very well-acted, well-written show. The story changes a million ways until the last episode (which may sound annoying, but is very well done) and I love that the show only had two seasons, so you don't have to wait seven years for closure.

2. oh, hello friend: retail shop (photo courtesy of her blog) — I finally got around to visiting my friend Danni's shop, located in adorable Downtown Fullerton. If Eisley hadn't been all riled up, I swear I could have browsed the shop for hours. It's filled with so many gorgeous treasures—both vintage and crafty—I almost couldn't handle it. On the way out, I told my friend Lan, "It is everything I dreamed it would be!" And, really, that's the truth. I want to live there. Amen.

3. e.l.f. Mineral Infused Mascara — I was in need of a new mascara this month, and being the cheap nelly I am, I didn't want to spend $10 for my typical choice. I ended up picking this one up from Target for $3 and hoped for the best. And I love it. I'm never paying more than $3 for mascara again!

4. Avocado — Yes, avocado. In general. We can get 5 ginormous avocados from Costco for $4 and they ripen perfectly. I end up putting avocado in everything I eat (just short of putting slices on a bowl of Cheerios in the morning), but by far the best thing I've found lately is this recipe for guacamole from Alton Brown. I've always wanted a go-to recipe for real guacamole, and this is it! I want to make it every week. Maybe I will. (You're welcome, Jay!)

5. Stuff Mom Never Told You podcast — I am finally catching up on one of my favorite podcasts, and it never fails to enlighten and entertain. If you're not yet listening to it, you must.

6. CRESCENDOh — I do a bit of work with Jenny Doh, who is the mastermind behind all things CRESCENDOh, but I am not at all biased when I say absolutely adore her website and blog. In my quest for true crochet domination, I've been browsing her tutorials and have found so many projects that are not only pinnable, but that are things I'll actually be able to do. Glorious!


  1. Glad to hear your thoughts on "The Killing" I have had it in my instant queue for awhile and have been thinking about starting it soon.

    Oh avocados! My little one and I have an avocado every day almost! So good!

    And now I am going to have to start listening to that podcast!

    Thanks for sharing and Happy Easter to you and yours!

  2. I will have to try elf. Last time I didn't purchase it because I just assumed since it's cheap it probably sucks. Glad to know it's good!

  3. The Killing is supposed to come back for season 3, they... revived it? I'm not sure how it will play out since they solved the mystery.

  4. YES! #1! we just got into the Killing, and love it. i didn't realize it was only two seasons though! we're at the end of season one! it's helping kill time while we wait for homeland, mad men, breaking bad, and dexter to come back...not that we're obsessed with tv shows or anything ;)

  5. did you know that you can freeze avocados?

    i found out. mind blown. world forever changed.


  6. Several things:

    1) I have been so wanting to watch The Killing, so now I am definitely going to get on it ASAP.

    2) I found out my friend is friends with Danni's brother and has helped at craft fairs and such for her. Small world! I haven't been to the shop yet, but it's on my list of must-sees! I hear it's amazing. Also, give me a ring next time you're in Fullerton! I want to meet the nugget and catch up with you. : )

    3) Avocado deserves to be on your swoonage list every month. It's seriously one of God's greatest gifts to this planet.

    1. Whoops, I'm signed into my other account, haha

  7. Avocados are my most recent addiction, too. They are SO good with scrambled eggs!

  8. avocados are delicious! Matt and I could eat guacamole every single day! love it!

  9. Confession? I don't like avocados. Like, I actually don't like the taste. I wish I did. All I taste is green paste.

    THE KILLING. Hubs and I almost killing'ed someone at the end of season 1. That entire show was a total mind blow. Our new obsession is Homeland. BEST TV SHOW EVER.


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