December 28, 2012

on who I am (at the moment)...

I am…

…feeling grateful after a lovely, cozy, simple Christmas, and looking forward to some extra-special New Year festivities.

…in full conspiracy-theory mode after having watched entirely too many documentaries on Netflix. I now have the intense desire to buy a ridiculously expensive juicer, dumpster dive for meals and keep our money in a shoebox under our bed. What I will actually end up doing is hopefully making a few soon-to-be-blogged-about changes in our lives that are at the more non-crazypants end of the spectrum. There are a lot of things I'm eager to put into motion for the coming year (which is, of course, always the case this time of December).

…the proud owner of a pair of mint-colored skinny jeans. And thus the obsession begins.

…working on a rough draft of my Gretchen Rubin-inspired Happiness Project. Oh, man, if only I could be less intense and detailed and obsessed with list-making. I'm trying to keep it simple (something I especially loved about Gretchen's own projects) but my ideas keep spilling off the page. I thought this would be a way to reign in my resolutions to a more doable list, but I'm not sure I'm capable of that.

…feeling much more introspective than usual. Sometimes I get almost selfish with my thoughts and just don't want to blog or tweet or share any of it. It feels good to sometimes just keep things to myself.

…happily blonde again. I'm not platinum or anything, but I ended up treating myself to highlights earlier this month—for the first time in a year and a half—and I've come to the conclusion that I'm just happier as a blonde. For a while I thought that made me vain and silly, but I've grown to realize that at a certain point everyone has something they do that is a little bit extra, just for themselves. I rarely spend money on myself (even the aforementioned skinny jeans were courtesy of a free jean voucher from Gap!), so getting my hair done every few months is just something I'm going to do. As odd as it sounds, I just didn't feel like myself when my hair was caught in that light brown/dark blonde state. I feel more like me now.

…listening to Florida Georga Line's "Cruise" on repeat like woah. I can't get enough. It's so catchy and delightful, and I secretly want Jay to sporadically proclaim, "Baby, you a song. You make me want to roll my windows down and cruuuuuise." (I force him to listen to it enough that it's probably inevitable, no matter how hard he tries to fight it.)

…quite entertained by Eisley's current antics. She makes everything either way more fun (waving to strangers and saying "Hyyyeeee!" and "Byyeeee!" to everyone and giving me her mischievous grins) or way more awkward (tantrum-throwing at the library and spitting Wheat Thins all over her carseat while I'm driving on the freeway). She feels more and more like a little side-kick, though, which is rather delightful.

…gaining a lot of perspective when it comes to living simply. And trying to balance that desire for simplicity with my expectations, hopes, wants, and needs.

…nearing my seven-year anniversary with Jay. How is that even possible? Mind blown.


  1. I think it's good to keep things to ourselves. In a world where everybody seems to express their constants feelings and thoughts, it's great to know there are still few people who enjoy keeping 'secrets' secret :)

  2. I'm learning some self-restraint too. Instead of just tweeting everything I'm thinking, I'm really trying to curate what I share and what I keep to myself. No one needs to know everything, that's for sure. Especially what's going on in my crazy brain...

  3. Love this. I'm feeling a lot of myself in what you wrote.

  4. Glad that you treated yourself to the highlights and yay for mint-colored skinny jeans. I love it when adorable little toddlers say hi and bye randomly; it's the best and it always happens on the crummiest days, as if they know. Eisley's making the world a more smile-ful place and she's only just a baby still!

  5. That's great that you treated yourself! It's good to do that once in awhile :)
    I like the song 'Cruise' as well! It's very catchy for sure and I always catch myself singing along!

  6. Love this post (I totally got a juicer for Christmas from my husband...its great and I am slightly convinced its the reason I havent gotten the nasty flu bug going around West Michigan at the moment)
    Also, my sisters-in-law loved their earrings :)
    Happy New Year!

  7. You are so pretty!
    Good for you for keeping your thoughts's good to share, but it's good to remember that your thoughts matter, whether or not you share them with anyone. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. I am starting my own happiness project draft after reading Happier at Home. Loved it.

  9. you are so pretty.
    hope you had a merry christmas & new year doll :)
    yes, i think of scott disick & kourtney kardashian when i say doll.
    i know you wanted to know that.

  10. Hey, if blonde hair makes you happy, blonde hair makes you happy. You look great! And happy. So. Yay blonde hair!

  11. We live (particularly as bloggers) in a world that is full of sharing. I think sometimes we forget to hold some of the good stuff, or any stuff, for ourselves. It's great that you are doing so.

    Happy New Year to you and yours Kerri!

  12. Lovely as usual! I constantly find myself wanting to share whats going on in my head, but unsure of how or really if I'll be judged by my thoughts.
    On a blonde note, I just went back to blonde too. I thought I could go darker and closer to my natural color (whatever that is these days) but it felt so off and so not me. Its good to treat ourselves to these things occasionally.

  13. Recently stumbled upon your blog, and so glad I did. Posts like this are so good for getting to know someone. PS Do you like "Crazy Sexy Diet?"

    1. Thank you for reading, and for taking the time to comment, Chelsea! :)

      Yes, I loved Crazy Sexy Diet. The author is so knowledgeable, but not at all intimidating or judgmental in the way she presents the information. The way she writes almost feels like a blog post at certain times. Very relatable and charming. Although I don't eat a perfect diet, she has encouraged me to make a few changes that will hopefully last! And I want to try the cleanse in the book at some point, too.


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