December 3, 2012

on a book of lists (list one!)...

Book of Lists: Wish List
For the Book of Lists project, this month's theme is "wish list". I wasn't sure where exactly I wanted to go with my list, but as I sat down to write it I decided to just jot down the first ten things that popped into my head. They ended up being things that have been floating around my mind for a while now, so I suppose it's fitting!

As for the design of my pages, I ended up keeping it fairly simple…colorful stamped pattern, stamped title, a bit of a doodle, my own handwriting. I like how it turned out. The scanned image is a little bit wonky, but I didn't feel like busting out my camera this morning. (Too much work.)

January's theme is "looking forward" and I've already started brainstorming some ideas for that list…hmmm…

View the cover of my book here!

If you'd like to join the Book of Lists project, please do! It's easy peasy. And rather fun. Find all the information over on Kathleen's blog: Kapachino.


  1. That's a really cute idea! I look forward to see the months to come!

  2. I love that you stamped the pattern. Such a pretty and easy bit of color. And I also want the boots, the earrings, the photoshoot, and the garden. :)

  3. I wish my handwriting was as pretty as yours!


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