November 14, 2012

on what I wore...

Target shirt
Target cardigan (one of my favorites—you can't really tell, but there's lace across the shoulders)
old-timey locket from a store that no longer exists
Gap jeggings (as per the usual)
Target (Mossimo) flats

Does this shirt look familiar? Yep, I wore it last Wednesday. Along with those pants. (Don't ask whether or not I've made it to the laundromat since then, because I will definitely give you a look.) And I'm thinking that white blur on my knee is either a ghost or a smudge on the mirror. Let's go with smudge so I can sleep tonight.

Here are a couple details of today's outfit:

This locket used to hold a photo of Jay's cousin and her poodle. True story. Which was always a good time when people inquired about what was inside my locket. (Thanks, Cami!) But after Eisley was born, I figured it would make more sense if I put a photo of my child in the locket I wore almost constantly.

You know those contact sheets that sometimes arrive with photos you order? I always feel bad throwing those things away (my inner hoarder is alive and well, thank you very much), so I ended up cutting out a couple of those mini-photos of Eisley to put in the locket. The fit almost perfectly. Who knew?

I made a pair of mustard yellow mini-rosette earrings for myself and have worn them almost daily for the past week. I rarely make items for myself (oddly enough) and typically give items I make away as gifts or list them immediately in my shop. So, it's been nice to wear something I created just for me. (Shameless plug: If you'd like me to create a pair for you, there are a limited amount available here!)

pleated poppy


  1. These posts are my favorite. They all are really but I look forward to this each week. Gorgeous!

  2. omg tiny eisleys in a locket!! LOVE.

  3. Such a cute outfit! I love the locket. :D I love lockets in general, and little herb holders... Not sure if that's what they're called, but my mom had one filled with magickal goodies. LOVED IT!!!

    Your earrings are so cute! Once I have some extra money, I'll need to order a pair!

  4. love love love the locket!!

  5. you know I want me some earrings! :)

  6. I love the locket with your daughter in it!! It's such a great idea!
    And why DON'T you make jewerly for yourself more often?! If I had that talent, I would do it a lot!

  7. proof you are a goddess reason 102: you look absolutely gorgeous in the basics.

  8. you are so cute.
    you know i have that sweater?
    i forgot.
    time to pull it out of thee ol' closet again ;)

  9. Not sure if you have seen this website:
    I have joined but don't remember to post everyday. Thought you might like it xx


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