November 7, 2012

on what I wore...

Photobucket WIWW
Target scarf
Target (Merona) polka-dot shirt
Gap jeggings
Payless flats (from ages ago)

One of these days I'll manage to take a photo of myself that doesn't look like I'm also selling tickets to a gun show. Hello, there, awkward bicep.

I had actually "put myself together" (so to speak) by 8:00AM this morning, and fully intended to reward myself with breakfast at Starbucks. Instead, I decided I was too lazy to make the drive, and made myself the perfect cup of coffee (I added cinnamon to the coffee grounds and a bit of french vanilla creamer after it had brewed) and ate whatever leftover raisins and cheese Eisley left on the coffee table.

Come to think of it, I should really eat some breakfast…

Okay, here are some details of today's ensemble:
I recently hung out with a friend who tied her scarf in a fantastic way. Instead of acting like a normal human being and asking her how she did it, I just stared intently at her scarf for a few moments and decided to try to recreate the look later. And I think it mostly worked to my advantage, because this is the only way I'm wearing my scarves now!

I simply tie the ends of the scarf into a knot, then wrap it around my neck twice (like an infinity scarf). I like the way it stays put and I don't have to rearrange it much throughout the day.

(Can I also mention how bizarre it feels to be wearing a sleeveless shirt in November? No matter how long I live in Southern California, it will always feel a little bit wrong to not be bundled up in mittens and a peacoat.)
I've had an addiction to buying flats from Payless for years and years. This is a pair that I purchased a few years ago—a style I ended up buying two identical pairs of because I loved them so much. Comfy, adorable, inexpensive. Payless, you speak my love language.

pleated poppy


  1. I love this! I don't know why but I never think to wear scarves unless it's cold outside. I really need to try it. And also visit Payless. :)

  2. I've worn a scarf exactly ONE time since becoming a mom and was nearly strangled as a result. Now I'm paranoid! Love the flats - I see a Payless shopping trip in my near future :)

  3. that birdie suits you very well. :)

  4. I wore black skinnies, a tank and a scarf to work just yesterday. Dang So Cal, I want to wear a sweater! And I'm totally copying your new way to wear scarves if that's alright :-)

  5. cute!! pretty scarf and i may try that tie tomorrow...:)

    i always love your blog!

  6. Payless flats are amazing. I have a pair from them, which are American Eagle brand and they have been put through walking, biking and so much more. Love them!!!

    You look so cute!

  7. I LOVE Payless and shop there all the time for flats too! Cute top...I'm obsessed with dots so I definitely approve of this outfit. ;)


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