November 2, 2012

on impulse buys and a mystery of motherhood...

Second in line only to Michaels, a quick trip to Target will always result in impulse buying. Luckily, I do not have expensive taste, and my random purchases are typically of the dollar bin/clearance rack nature. But, still. How does anyone leave that store without at least two extra items in their cart? Mercy. I always find myself wandering the ends of random aisles because there are always clearance items there—items I most certainly do not need, but that end up looking glorious with their little red tags.

"Why do I feel like I need this stack of Bar Mitzvah napkins in my life? And these floral, twin-size flannel sheets? I am not Jewish, nor do I own a twin bed, nor do I live somewhere flannel is even necessary. STOP SEDUCING ME, TARGET!"

This week, I went to pick up some diapers (since I didn't feel like braving the Costco parking lot) and Halloween decor (which, annoyingly, ended up not even being on sale the day before the 31st). I tried not to look at the rack of $5 movies, but I ended up quickly throwing a copy of The Holiday into my cart before I talked myself out of it. (It's one of my favorite non-Christmas Christmas movies, if you know what I mean, and I seem to have lost my original DVD.) The other impulse buy was found on a clearance rack in the toddler clothing section.

Um, hi? Chartreuse skinny jeans? In Eisley's size? For eight dollars? Gimme.

Let's just say this trip to Target was a success and not too bad on the pocketbook, either. (Do people still say "pocketbook"? If not, let's bring it back.)

In other news, Halloween ended up being a very, very rough day. Eisley was throwing little tantrums all day, no matter what we did. She refused to nap for the first time in ages, and I was stuck with an unconsolable, raging toddler for the entire day. I didn't even dress her up in her costume or take her trick-or-treating at all. I just wasn't going to even try, since Jay wasn't going to get home until very late, and I'd have to go with her by myself.

By the time late afternoon rolled around, I was just laying on the ground eating a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and wondering what my life had come to. It was very attractive.

I put her to bed at 5, and from there, the day actually ended up being quite nice. My bestie came over with a bunch of leftover candy (a perk of being a kindergarten teacher, I'm quite sure), we put on Hocus Pocus, ended up getting a free pizza because Pizza Hut forgot to make our order, and drank ice cold Blue Moon while watching The Omen with Jay, once he got home from work. We laughed and chatted and greeted our one group of trick-or-treaters.

Which leads me to a mystery of motherhood: By time Eisley had been in bed for about an hour, I started to miss her. I started to wish she would wake up so she could come hang out and play with us and perhaps sneak a bit of candy corn. I wanted to dress her up so Jay could see her in her costume, and have her entertain us with her shenanigans. All day I wanted nothing more than a break from her madness, but once she was finally quiet and asleep, I missed her.

I'm not sure what it is, but no matter how difficult a day has been, or how much I've wanted to just get away from it all for a while, once it's quiet and the house is clean and she is peaceful in her crib, I can't wait to do it all over again.

It doesn't make sense, but that's how it always is. And in addition to that, I've learned that the day following a tough, frustrating, difficult one is always pretty fantastic. Pretty awesome, if you ask me.


  1. I ALWAYS end up with one or two extra items in my cart at Target. It's a serious problem! haha

    Your Halloween sounds delightful! Minus the baby screams, hehe.

    I've heard a lot of moms say the same thing about missing their bebe, even after a hellish day like the one you had. They're so sweet and soft and cuddly, I completely understand wanting them to wake up again! Maybe they secretly just know that mommy needs her time with the grown ups too.

  2. Target and Costco both are really bad places for me to be. I am constantly finding little treasures at both that I MUST have!

  3. Oh yeah, I always miss my babe once she's asleep. Not for nap time though, maybe because I know they'll be too short as it is. But at bedtime I want to get her up and snuggle and play. I never do, but the thought is there.

    1. I agree with the naptime thing! I get SO MUCH done during naptime that I cherish those couple hours during the day. When they don't happen I become a monster. (It's not pretty.)

  4. Yes! To ALL of this! I love The Holiday, love Target sale items AND my husband always makes fun of me because after we have put the babe to bed, even after a rough day, I sometimes find myself skimming through pictures of her on my phone...yes, missing her! Us moms are a bit cray-cray if you ask me! ;)

  5. I'm the same with Eli. He'll be a hellion, I'll put him down for a nap, it'll end up being an extra long nap (because he was exhausted, HENCE THE HELLIONISM) and I'll miss him. The house feels big and empty now when he's asleep!

    I have been known to open his bedroom door and then start rustling around unnecessarily to wake him up sooner. Bad, I know.

    I thought those jeans were for YOU. I was a little disappointed to find out they were for Eisley, they're that good.

    1. I once vacuumed right by Eisley's door because I wanted her to wake up. I don't know what was going on in my brain, because that's ridic.

      And I am waiting for the day I can find those jeans in my size! I will be that person wearing the same jeans as her toddler. It will happen.

  6. I don't know how it happens, but sometimes, after our girls have gone to bed, my husband and I end up going through photos of years passed and we want to wake them up so bad. But then we come to our senses. :) I can totally relate. And seriously. Target. I roam it for hours on my "night out." Once I went to two targets in one night. It's ridiculous.

  7. It will be like that for the rest of her life! We have a 4 kids & even though the 15 yr old is in the middle of attitude, rudeness & just being a teenager, I still miss her when she goes to bed! I do all of them! Even though they are all in different stages of life! I think it is just how Mom's are wired!!! As for Target, my husband would be happy if I never went there again!! LOL!!!

  8. I can't wait to start buying cute baby girl clothes! And I can't wait until Target comes to Canada :D I miss Topher when he naps or goes to bed early sometimes too - he's my little sidekick, it's weird to have too much time without him wrapped around my leg!

  9. I totally stalk through Target and just stroll by every back end cap in hopes of clearance goodies!

  10. Even after a hard, tiring, and trying day with my little one I always end up missing him once he is in bed. It is something about his still and calm little butt up in the air that gets to my heart...and makes it want to explode.

    Also the dollar sections at Target and Michaels get me every time. There is never a time that I go in either of the stores for one thing and walk out with just one thing.

    And I love "the holiday". Gosh. love it. something about jude law playing mister napkin head. gahhh! and that movie is definitely one of the million reasons that I hope to have a little girl one day.

    Happy Saturday, girl!

    1. Mister Napkin Head! Gah! Jude Law never had me swooning until that movie. Him and his little girls…oh, man. It's too much.

  11. I'm always in Target, but for me, I usually don't buy the things I don't need, It's really hard for me to actually buy things that AREN'T on my list. I wish I could be more of an impulse shopper at times!
    But I understand about your feelings with Eisley. I know I'm not a Mom, but I really love the kids I nanny for, and I see them all the time, and sometimes during the weekend or something, I'll be thinking of them and miss them.
    But that's cool about the free pizza, and just watching some movies later on in the night. Sounds like a good Halloween to me. Too bad you couldn't take Eisley trick or treating, but next year will probably be better anyway, since she'll be able to hopefully realize the fun things she'll get to do.
    Although bravo to you for watching 'The Omen'. I thought about watching a scary movie, but I didn't. I watched two episodes of 'American Horror Story' Asylum though, and that was pretty creepy.

  12. Definitely know what you mean; we had a pretty rubbish day on friday a after a deceptively good day before.. Now phoebe can stand she fights and fights naps, I was also trying to get her to nap more than 30 mins! ( any hints? Do you our did you have regular nap times at nine months? No idea what to do..)
    But she is really so delightful...and now she is asleep and I miss her, too.

  13. We watched the Holiday last night. I informed my husband that we need more Jude Law movies because he is nice to look at. :P

  14. So many things to say...
    First - Target gets me every time. I went there four times since last Wednesday. And also, if you don't have one already, get a Red card. They can tie it to your checking account so its like a debit card not a credit card and you still save 5%. As if you needed another reason to shop there...
    I love The Holiday. Love Love Love.
    Good for you for not bothering to dress her up and take her out. Some parents (eh hem.. probably me) would have pushed past the cranky toddler and taken them out anyway only to suffer major meltdowns during the trick-or-treating and making the evening even more miserable for everyone. You are one smart momma! Plus she won't really have fun with it until 4 or 5 so why make it a hassle now?
    And also... I know what you mean about missing your child. My daughter (6 going on 16) pushed my buttons all morning about her clothing, wouldn't get ready for school, wouldn't eat breakfast, etc.. I ended up losing my cool and felt so bad for getting so annoyed with her. After dropping the kids off at school I immediately wanted to turn around, check them both out of school and take them to the park and play all day.

  15. the second paragraph totally made me LOL! that is so me! and my husband thinks i'm insane for it. also, i totally agree with you on the mystery of motherhood. we just recently moved and my 2-year old has been crazy since. but during every nap and at night, i miss him so much! i seriously love motherhood and feel so blessed to be a part of it.


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