October 31, 2012

on my little queen of hearts...

What is this darn thing you're making me hold?
I ended up being entirely too last-minute with the handmade costume thing, so yesterday Eisley and I made a mad dash to our favorite children's secondhand store to see what we could scrounge up. Lucky for us, all the costumes were 50% off, and we found the sweetest one hanging right on the end of the rack (just waiting for us, I'm sure).

The size is much larger than she typically wears, but when I put it on her, it didn't look awkward at all. (Plus, I like the idea of her having some dress up clothes to grow into.) At the encouragement of the shop owner, Eisley took a peek in the shop's full-length mirror after I'd put the dress on over the outfit she was wearing, and she did her little shoulder-shake dance of approval when she saw her reflection. SUCCESS! I tell you, I seem to have the best of luck with this whole procrastination thing. 

(Very counterintuitive, but rather delightful, if you ask me.)

The costume cost only $7 and came with the dress, a silly headband thingamajig, a heart wand, and some wings. The wings were a little snagged, so I decided not to add them to the costume—but I rather like the way it looks without them. With the exception of the wings, the whole thing looks brand new.

We'll probably end up doing a bit of local trick-or-treating this afternoon. I'm sure she's still quite confused about the whole situation, but dressing her up is fun, nonetheless. (Plus, I get to eat all her candy. There are very few years a parents gets to do this without any guilt, so I am prepared to take full advantage. HURRAH!)


  1. Super cute! Love how enamoured she is with the wand :)

  2. What an adorable costume! The wand probably makes a fun toy for her too.

  3. Aw, she is so cute! Just hope she doesn't act like the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland. :)

  4. I love it! I procrastinated on the costume as well and scored a $6 Old Navy fish. Yay!

  5. she is a DOLL!
    and is her hair a tinge of strawberry?! eeeee!
    i never have luck at those darn places. boo. so glad you do ;)

  6. So adorable! Topher's dressing up as Yoda again this year - I'm not creative at all when it comes to costumes! He's old enough to know what trick-or-treating is all about this year, so I won't get to steal his candy :( Guess I'll just have to buy my own ...

  7. So sweet!!! It looks perfect on her!!!


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