August 23, 2012

on my little movie star...

Jay chasing her around with a fancypants camera.

One perk of Jay's job is that he gets to borrow the incredibly fancy-pants cameras they make. 

The day before Eisley's birthday, we spent some time chasing her around the park to get some sunshine-y footage. I love that she is still blissfully unaware of someone following her around with a camera, so we were able to really catch her in her element. There's nothing that makes her happier than roaming free. We don't have a yard, so any time she's outside our duplex I'm on high alert, snatching her up if she gets too close to the street. Not so much fun for a toddler (or a parent, quite frankly), so these trips to the park are a bit of a vacation for all of us.

I'm so eager to see what Jay does with the footage he got of her. These cameras are the same ones filmmakers use, so she is basically a movie star now. Except that she wears hand-me-downs and her favorite foods are string cheese and green beans straight-from-the-can.


  1. Lovely! I hope you'll share the video that he creates!

  2. Mini movie star! Awesome.

  3. I love reading stories about fellow Mommies and their babies :) By the way, I gave you a little award over at my blog-check it out if you get the chance!


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