August 7, 2012

on a little shop update...

new necklaces. :) 
I know, it's about darn time, right? I've finally been able to update the shop with a selection of ready-to-ship eisley necklaces, as well as some pretty new wallets. It feels good to have freshened it up a bit! I'm still offering made-to-order items (both necklaces and earrings), as well.

See below for some prettiness (if I do say so myself):

My favorite color. Pretties! 
eisley necklaces: $18.50/each

The colors make my soul happy. Oh, the stitching.
felt wallets / gadget cozies: $16.75/each

There are some other new items I'm hoping to create within the next few weeks. What would you like to see more of? Notecards, jewelry, headbands, baby goodness? Scrap packs of felt/paper/fabric? Goodie bags? More things in mustard yellow because it's the greatest color of all time—next to chartreuse, of course? I'm also toying with the idea of offering a few simple Halloween costumes for babies, as well…inspired by last year's flower costume for the wee one.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I love your notecards, and I've bought a few goodie bags from your shop in the past as well! I would love it if you had baby Halloween costumes - Eisley's flower costume last year was adorable!

  2. I really love your notecards, especially the Love is a Cupcake ones. One of those actually made it to the More Love Letters website. I love your notecards in general and would most likely buy all of them.

  3. I have to admit that I've been lusting after your wallet/gadget cozies for A VERY LONG TIME. Particularly the green/yellow coloring. And it's been bookmarked in my "Stuff I Must Buy When I Get Paid More Than Minimum Wage" bookmarks category (it's real). And I will be getting a substitute position in a few weeks that will allow me to buy something other than water bills and bread.

    Be ready. :)

  4. Oh. And probably the mustard yellow Eisley necklace, too.

    Keep on producing awesome things!

  5. Yay for bursts of creativity, Kerri! Oooh, digging the necklaces a ton! And the wallets, too. I'd have to carry like 5 of them though to hold all of my frequent shopper cards, coupons and randoms slips of paper that collect in my current plaid George Costanza-wallet-ish mess. :)

  6. aww, your shop has always been one of my favorites of all time. i actually just found my wallet i bought from you a few years ago in my husband's jeep this morning. how it got in there, i have no idea. it's kind of messy and gross and boy-ish so i never ride in it ;) i can't wait to see what else you come out with!

  7. I have followed your blog and shop for a while - I love your notecards! Nice job finding time for craftiness!

  8. love the cozies!!! super cute :)


  10. Kerri!,

    I love that you are breathing new life into your shop! As always, I love your note cards, and goodie bags! I have purchased lots of those from your shop and use them often. I also think you should offer mini flag banners like the one you made for me back in April. That thing is just the cutest! I think it would be cute if you could somehow do a confetti look to some of your little goodie bags too. Like multi colored felt dots on the bag? I think that would be another cool option for a gift/goodie bag. By the way, the Halloween costume idea is brilliant!! You must do it, Eisley's costume last year was out of this world adorable!! Can't wait to see what you will come up with. Go for it Kerri, we support you all the way! ;)

  11. Hi Kerri! Everything you create is done with such meticulous attention to detail - I'm in awe.


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