July 20, 2012

on some heart swoon tunes...

So, yesterday I was having some major issues. Although I had planned on keeping my face in a perpetual smile all week long, I failed miserably after getting a mere three hours of sleep the night before. (I thought we were making progress with Eisley's sleeping habits, but she was up all the live-long night.) Jay and I were at odds when it came to dealing with the situation, and the morning was not our best.

I began the day with a few buckets of tears, feeling generally frustrated and grumpy and overwhelmed. When Eisley finally went down for her second nap of the day, I decided to sit down and make myself a mix CD for my drive to visit friends later in the day.

Somehow, a good song makes the day brighter. Right? Right.

So, I decided to share my "calm, calm" mix with you in a new feature (I have features now?) I like to call (in an excuse to make a shiny new graphic) "heart swoon tunes". So, join me on this musical journey…or something like that.

1. The Lions Roar, First Aid Kit (It will soon become very obvious how listening to First Aid Kit is apparently directly related to my level of calm.)

2. Music for a Found Harmonium, Penguin Cafe Orchestra (Oh, my gosh. This song. Brilliance.)

3. Emmylou, First Aid Kit (This is absolutely my new favorite song.)

4. Ohio, Damien Jurado (Jay introduced me to Damien Jurado, and this song reminds me of when we were first dating. Jay and I, not Damien. In case I confused you there.)

5. Long Time Traveller, The Wailin' Jennys (I feel like I discovered this song thanks to some random Pandora station. It sings to my soul.)

6. Wolf, First Aid Kit (See? Obsessed.)

7. Wagon Wheel, Old Crow Medicine Show (This quirky song makes me want to eat barbecue and sit on a bale of hay in some cool barn somewhere. Please make this happen for me.)

8. Jolene, Ray LaMontagne (You can't have a calm-inducing mix without some Ray.)

9. You Alone, Dawn Landes (I couldn't find a good link to a preview, so you'll have to trust me on this one. Or check iTunes for her Fireproof album. Oh, and I love how there's a little bonus-song at the end. Adore!)

10. Everyday Feels Like Sunday, Vitamin String Quartet (If I were to turn back time and re-marry Jay, this is the song I'd walk down the aisle to. Not that I'm re-planning my wedding in my head or anything. I SHAKE MY FIST AT YOU, PINTEREST.)

Are you feeling calm yet? If not, I'm not sure what else I can do for you. Except maybe share this photo with you. My work here is done.


  1. I love all your picks! I listened to samples of a few new ones and am excited to have found them. Wagon wheel is a long time personal favorite from our college concert days (plus I'm from Johnson City & decidedly shout that line like it was a solo written just for me). Thanks for sharing!

  2. Grat post! Also, I lov eyour new headshot in the side column :) I remember you mentioning that you were growing your hair out to it's natural color... it looks BEAUTIFUL! :)

  3. Wagon Wheel is one of my favourites! Thanks for sharing your mix!

  4. I am absolutely loving these! I'd never heard First Aid Kit before but I'm definitely going to listen to more, and I can't get enough of that Damien song, either.

  5. Kerri! You've given me two awesome gifts in the form of introductions: Anthropology (seriously, here in Michigan, it's practically non-existent and then you gushed about it and now I squeal when the catalog arrives) and now First Aid Kit. Thank you!

    Since you're on a mellow music kick, here's one of my favs by Jenn Grant: http://www.amazon.com/Dreamer/dp/B001GXVDXI

  6. Yes, First Aid Kit is wonderful!

  7. This post got me listening to First Aid Kit. I think my neighbours are probably now sick of hearing Emmylou blasting out. Just bought tickets to see them in Glasgow later this year :)

  8. This post got me into listening to First Aid Kit. Amazing! I think my neighbours are probably sick of hearing Emmylou blasting out. Just bought tickets to see them in Glasgow later this year :)


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