July 13, 2012

on little miss Eisley...

eleven months!

I do exist! I promise! Life has just been…busy. And all those other wonderful sorts of things.

I figured it's been far too long since I've done an Eisley update, so now would be as good a time as any to catch everyone up on all her shenanigans.

Today she turned 11 months (ELEVEN MONTHS, SWEET MERCY!) and is constantly on the move. She's been walking well for at least a month now, which is the cutest thing ever. She's like this tiny little grown-up. She gets into everything and loves the Tupperware drawer in our kitchen, rifling through all my make-up and hair products in the bathroom cabinet, throwing things away that shouldn't be thrown away, and destroying the books on our bookshelf. She is learning new things every day (which sounds like an exaggeration, but it's true) and I love watching her make these discoveries. There are good chunks of time during the day when she is happy to play by herself, going through her toys and walking around babbling to herself. It makes my soul happy.

Walkin' fool.

She is no longer a toothless wonder! Her two bottom teeth came it at the same time, about two weeks ago. When you ask her to smile, she'll scrunch up her nose and give you the biggest grin in all humanity. (Her eyes even disappear, which she obviously got from her mama.) We've had some rough days and rough nights lately, which I can only attribute to teething. Either that, or she just likes having a mom who can't function in the morning for lack of sleep. Who knows?

Speaking of sleep, she still has yet to sleep all night. I went through a period of time where it stressed me to no end and I thought like I was doing something wrong, like things would never get better, and my baby was broken. I know that sleep is such a hot topic with parents, and after a certain point I threw my hands up and was all, "I'M NOT FIGHTING THIS ANYMORE." I refused to let my frustration consume me and for this issue to be such a huge focus of my day-to-day parenting.

And, really? I feel much better. Much, much better. Tired, sure—but not emotionally exhausted, as well.

She has typically been going to bed between 7 and 8, will wake up every 3-4 hours during the night to eat (sometimes sleeping in her crib, sometimes sleeping in our bed vertically or upside-down or while kicking me in the throat). In the morning, she is up between 6:45 and 7:15. This week we turned a corner with how long she is sleeping at night and last night she slept for 6 hours straight. To some parents, this would be a living nightmare. To me, the only thing better would be waking up to breakfast in bed served by Ryan Gosling. I kid, I kid. (I think.)

As with everything else in my life, it's almost better when things don't work out perfectly. Because I truly appreciate the tiny improvements and the moments when things seem so much better. I swear, the day she does start sleeping all night, I will simultaneously cartwheel through the streets and ugly cry tears of pure, unadulterated joy.

(Don't quote me on that.)

The nug. (I love this outfit on her, by the way.)

In other news, I believe she is somewhere around 20 lbs. and is wearing mostly 9-12 month clothes (with the exception of certain items that I refuse to put away, like the size 3 mo. cardigan she is wearing in these photos).

She would live on cheese alone, were it permitted. (It's not.) She is also a huge fan of Otter Pops. (We feed only the best to our offspring, clearly.) I make sure to feed her three meals a day, in addition to breastfeeding, but she still insists on mooching of whatever Jay and I eat for dinner. The girls loves any and all food—especially when it is obviously part of someone else's meal and not meant for her to eat.

She waves and claps on cue most of the time, will dance to any and all music, will "sing" when I sing to her, has yet to say any real words (except "momomomom" when she's upset), and is incredibly curious and smart. This age is seriously so much fun that the other day I told her I loved her so much I could just squeeze her to pieces.

Pretty sure I used the wrong phrase there, but you know what I mean.

I adore this girl. I adore mommyhood. And it is worth absolutely every single sleepless night, every single tear (hers and mine), and every single moment of worry or uncertainty or frustration.

There's that grin!

I mean, really. Don't you want to squeeze her to pieces, too?


  1. 11 months already? Good grief! She's absolutely adorable - I can't believe she still fits in a 3 months cardigan :)

  2. Ahhh so adorable!! The food thing made me laugh; Charlie does the same thing! It doesn't matter if he JUST ate dinner, he cries for whatever we're eating. He acts like we've never fed him ever!

  3. Her sleeping schedule sounds very normal for a breastfeeding baby. My son was exactly the same but it wasn't an issue because we all sleep in the same bed and I would just nurse him while lying on my side and we'd both drift back to sleep quickly. I'm glad you decided to let it go and follow your girl's lead! It really is best for the both of you to trust each other like that :)

  4. She is just beautiful. Look at that smile!

  5. She is utterly utterly adorable and I love reading this update on how she is doing. That big smile she has on her face :) Precious.

  6. Wow, she's walking?! My little girl just started walking, and she's 16 months! And oh man, did we try every sleep training technique under the sun, but only time helped her wake less during the night. She still only sleeps through the night about once a week. It will happen yet. And I agree with you, this is such a fun age!

  7. OMG! She's walking already!!!
    Awww....she's such a cutie pie! I promise you, if I ever meet her I'm totally gonna squeeze her. :)

  8. Yes, yes I do! She is so adorable. That first photo is my fave.

    So glad to hear things are joyous -- even when they're not. ;)

  9. Aw, Miss Eisley! I cannot believe she's almost a year. I miss her! And you! She's so lovely and mommyhood suits you so well, friend. Big love.

  10. oh, sweet mercy, i ADORE her too.
    more pictures, i say.
    MORE UPDATES, i say.
    i miss you in this lonely blogger world.
    come baaaaaack.
    jaaaaaaack. ja-ack.
    (said just like the titanic).

  11. She's so gorgeous! I love her smile! She looks like one happy girl :)

  12. Most babies are cute but yes, lady, you make extraordinarily cute babies! A baby angel, she is!

  13. Eisley just slays me in that second picture. So cute!

  14. I love her! And that cardigan is adorable so I don't blame you for stuffing her into it. It still (mostly) fits! Most of what she's up to sounds very familiar to me. Glad to hear we're not the only ones feeding our baby cheese - it was the only thing keeping Meredith quiet when we went to a Mexican restaurant this weekend. :)

  15. eeee my goodness she is just such a little cutie pie! i can't believe how big she is and how much she looks like you :)

  16. so happy to see an eisley update. she is so stinking cute! the sleep thing was (& sometimes still is) the most difficult thing for us too. we refused to do the whole cry it out thing and i nursed my son to sleep most nights so we did the "baby whisperer solves all your problems" routine and my husband took a week off when our son turned a year and we weaned him from night feedings. we waited until he was drinking cow's milk so we knew he was getting enough nutrition during the day before we cut him off at night. it will happen though :) even now when he goes through stages where he's just not sleeping i get all frazzled and it consumes me (which i hate!!) but we always, eventually, get back to getting sleep at some point. hang in there, mama!

  17. She's gorgeous! I'm currently feeling rather puffy eyed after a bad night with our five month old Phoebe, but you're right- it's much better not to stress about it, I think that makes me more tired! Food will be the next adventure with this one..! Love that you're blogging a bit more now! :) zoe xx

  18. I do not mean to sound like a stalker, BUT I must admit, I was super happy to visit your blog this morning and (finally, teehee) see not one but TWO new posts! As a mother to a very active little 6 month old, there is VERY little free time to be had.

    As always, I enjoy your blog since I can so relate to pretty much every topic or thought you hit. Your little cupcake of a gal is so incredibly precious, as a new mother, I am finding myself savoring every single second I get with my little baby boy…..but yet….the sleep deprivation does, at times, get to be a bit overwhelming. But like yourself, I have just come to face the fact that this too shall pass and that I need to just ENJOY the time I do get (even if it is during night time feedings) with my turnip. I too absolutely LOVE motherhood, it is simply the best profession, we are paid in gummy smiles, bubbly laughter and the cutest darn baby babble!!!

    So good to hear from you lovie!!! xo

  19. She is a DOLL! It's been so fun to "watch" her grow :) Our babe has been crawling now for a few weeks and it's incredible what they find to grab and destroy. So glad that you're doing well and she's doing well. I know you'll be ecstatic when she starts sleeping more, but I think it's sooo good that you've recognized that there are no absolutes when it comes to babies. Your job is to be who Eisley needs you to be and that's it. And I think you're doing a fantastic job so far!

  20. She's just so lovely, but I don't understand how she's more than 11 months now--eep! Hannah is a cheese addict too, but so am I, so I have a hard time saying no when she begs!

    Sleep is overrated, yeah?

  21. She's just so lovely, but I don't understand how she's more than 11 months now--eep! Hannah is a cheese addict too, but so am I, so I have a hard time saying no when she begs!

    Sleep is overrated, yeah?


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