January 9, 2012

on who I am (at the moment)...

no time for a manicure.

I am…

…mourning the loss of my perfectly manicured nails of days past. Well…okay. Truth be told, most days I don't even mind my chipped, uneven, halfway-polished nails. They're just a part of my new normal. Which makes them a little bit endearing, actually. Even if they make me look rather lazy.

…wishing I had the power to fix everything that needs fixing.

…eagerly awaiting a visit from some of my family next month! It feels like it's been forever since I've seen any of them. Distance is just too hard some days, and I live for these visits.

…actually becoming a (dare I say it?) halfway-decent cook. I know. I'm kind of surprised, too.

…a little proud of my updated blog design. I love when things come together just as I'd hoped.

…going on two months straight of listening to my Mumford & Sons CD in my car. Whenever we go somewhere, Jay is all, "Seriously, Kerri? Still?" And I'm like, "THIS MUSIC SINGS TO MY SOUL! Don't hate." It's seriously the best album I've discovered in years. The first track literally affects my heartbeat. It's that good.

…quite thrilled about experiencing my first haircut in over a year. Also, the stylist who washed my hair gave me a neck rub so incredible that I almost invited her to be a sister wife. Truth.

…realizing just how incredibly lucky I am.

…wishing it were possible to go back and relive a few of my very first memories. Especially my first one, when I wasn't even three, and my older sister and I were visiting my mom in the hospital after our newest sister was born. I remember washing my hands and looking at myself in the mirror. I had my hair in curly little pigtails. Things were so simple back then.

…loving all the advice you left on this post. You are all the best.

…hoping to update my shop sometime next week. I have a few adorable things I can't wait to show you. And? I'll also be doing a giveaway featuring a box of goodies from my shop. Are you excited? Well, I am.

…already experiencing a bit of baby fever. (Or maybe it's pregnancy fever?) I KNOW. Don't tell Jay. He'd have a stroke.


  1. Great happy post! And I'm glad you're adding to your etsy store! You have the most adorable stuff!

    Have a great day!

  2. I totally get listening to the Mumford & Sons CD. Every song is amazing! I just wish their concerts didn't sell out in seconds because I would love to see them live.

  3. I adore that Mumford & Sons album!

  4. My pastor read the lyrics of "sigh no more" in a sermon a few months ago... and this is why I love my church.
    And baby fever? Guuurl.... :)

  5. A sister wife!!! hahahaha! Love Mumford & Sons too. Oh the baby fever. ...

  6. your first bullet made me remember how i always put off painting my own nails. my little guy's asleep so this is the perfect time...they can dry while i read blogs. thanks! :)

  7. Love, love, love the updated blog design!

    And VERY excited for the giveaway!! Your Etsy store is one of my favorites. :)

  8. Your first haircut in a year must have felt amazing! I love the light and airy feeling of a new 'do!

    I don't blame you about the baby fever. Eisley is so darn cute, it's no wonder you'd want to make another one!

  9. I understand your feelings about the neck rub at the hairdresser. When I was pregnant, I got a scalp massage at the hairdresser that made me want to profess my love to shampooer. And at least you are wearing nail polish! I gave up :)

  10. You're adorable. That is all.

  11. LOL, doesn't Eisley need a baby brother or sister!!?? :)

  12. I love the new look! I got a strong case of baby fever when Hannah started sleeping through the night, but the idea of having another one that soon was (and is) absurdly laughable!

  13. Ok, this is weird. This morning I had just the weirdest feeling that it was going to be a "Mumford & Sons" kind of day so I've been listening to it NON-STOP all day. I got so much of my work done that I told myself "I have time to catch up on my favorite blogs!" and well here I am, reading your post, and convincing myself that it's some force of the universe telling me we're friendmates. But alas, I have known this for a while. :)

    ps. I decided chipped nail polish was endearing like 8 years ago when I realized it was genetically impossible for me to keep up a manicure. So you're good!

  14. ooh, what's in your etsy shop? Mine has taken a long hiatus (I blame the baby ;P ) but I am hoping to reopen this week too (crochet and knitted baby/kid hats).

    Also, I love Mumford & Sons too.

  15. i have gotten baby fever with all three of mine around five months or so, so maybe its not all that crazy?!

  16. i do the same thing with CD's I love too, matt always questions it. and every time i say, my car, my music, and i'm currently obsessed, haha.

    and yay for family visits! truly the best.

  17. Your baby/pregnancy fever made me giggle!!! I'm so glad your family is visiting you soon. :D

    When I find a song/CD that I *love* I listen to that baby constantly!!! ;)

  18. That is so funny and cute how you've been listening to that one cd so long! If only Mumford and Sons knew you were so dedicated!!
    And cheers to you on getting your long-overdue haircut! I recently got my hair cut after a few months, and I was very glad I did, so I knew how you feel!

  19. I LOVE Mumford & Sons!

  20. I have described Mumford & Sons in the exact same way. It speaks to my little heart!

  21. Is that Essie's "carry on" nail posish? Because if it is...I'm wearing the exact same shade!

    We must be sisters or something:)
    love you

  22. When I ask my sister-in-law how she became such a good cook, she answers, "I'm not. I just follow the recipe." So I guess that's the secret. :-)

    Glad to see you so content. xoxo


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