January 6, 2012

on our pirate...

our pirate.

I'd like to introduce you to someone. This is our pirate. He doesn't really have a name. He's just mostly referred to as "the pirate". I am aware that he is creepy beyond all reason, and I'm not really buying the fact that he is supposed to be some sort of Mickey Mouse/pirate hybrid. But, you know. Just go with it.

Jay worked for Disneyland for the past nine years (up until he got his new job last month), and the company would periodically give employees little trinkets. Collectable pins and memorabilia, usually. But a few years ago, we got this pirate.

I remember when he brought it home and I was all like, "Ew! What is that thing? Why is it deformed?" After my initial confusion, we kind of forgot about it. I felt bad throwing it away (sometimes I have hoarder-esque tendencies—don't judge me), so I think it floated around from a few different drawers and cabinets before it found its current lot in life.

Which is, of course, to randomly pop up in unexpected places.

I'm not sure if it was Jay who first came up with the idea to hide him somewhere for me to find, but in the past couple years this pirate has been tucked away in the most random locations. The first few times he was in a shoe or a lunch bag. Jay and I would get a laugh out of it, and then forget about the pirate for a few weeks.

Then, out of nowhere, I'd grab my red hat off of the hook by the door and out he would tumble from his hiding place. Then it would be my turn to find a new home for the pirate. Places he has turned up lately are:
  • A cardigan pocket
  • On top of a Butterfinger in the kitchen
  • Inside a box of rolled oats (he spent a good two months in there, which is a little gross)
  • The freezer
  • In a video camera case
  • Inside a box of tampons (I told Jay that one kind of crossed the line of decency)
  • Within one of Jay's running shoes
  • Next to the shampoo in the shower
Sometimes months pass between the discoveries, which kind of makes it a bit more exciting when he does turn up somewhere new. It never fails to make my day, which is so silly (but so true).

I always wanted to be one of those couples who would write sweet notes in the steam on the bathroom mirror in the morning, or who leaves little messages of "I love you" hidden in each others pockets…but it seems that it's a rather tricky thing to get men to sign up for something like that voluntarily. Well, my husband, at least. I'm pretty sure he would never think to do something like that on a regular basis, or would feel a bit cheesy doing so.

So, while it seems some people have more romantic notions in their daily lives, we have our pirate as a random, quirky little reminder that we're thinking of each other. Case in point:

not awkward at all.

The other day I woke up to find the above situation on our kitchen counter. I laughed for a full five minutes. It was pretty much the best.


  1. I love this. Made me smile today...totally something Brett and I would do.

  2. THIS IS SO DAMN CUTE!!! And romantic, if you ask me!!! Jen and I *do* leave each other little love note's (usually in the bathroom) and "steam note's" however we also do silly stuff because, well, we're silly ladies!

    I think something like this is as sweet as can be and as a lover of all pirate-y stuff, I would say y'all are lucky in love. <3

  3. LOL that's amazing. So much better than notes! (Although I love those too, and no worries, my bf is also reluctant to sign on for such obvious mush. Maybe we should try a pirate... :P)

  4. This is AWESOME. I love this idea. So cute and funny and sweet.

  5. And this is why I love the two of you together. Amen.

  6. Cute! I love your little pirate game. I think it's even better than notes. :D

  7. So cute! I don't think you have to leave actual "I love you" notes to be romantic, the fact that you two have this little game is the cutest & most thoughtful thing ever :)

  8. I think this is just as argh-some as notes. hehe. And I didn't even realize the pirate's face was so messed up. I'd been thinking his nose was his mouth.

  9. Ha. I love this.

    Also... Nathan & I own about seven of these Mickey-whatever hybrids, including one that's Simba with Mickey ears. SCARY. Trust me, your pirate is the least creepy of the bunch.

  10. Hahahahaha, how cute! I love goofy couples like this. ;)

    I knew Jay worked at Disneyland, and didn't you at one point, too? Did you meet there? I'm really curious what he did there and what you did there too. It sounds like such a fun place to work!

    When I worked for Club Libby Lu (sigh, RIP) I was able to visit the Downtown Disney location twice, and work there once for a couple weeks. I FELL IN LOVE with the area and the entire ambiance in Downtown Disney/Anaheim area! Seriously, my stomach just did a little flip thinking about that time. Such good memories. :)

  11. oh my goodness i love this! We have a similar thing going with my brother and his wife with a pair of ugly champagne glasses they got for their wedding. We swap them back & forth when we visit, leaving them tucked under the covers in their guest room, front & center in their china cabinet, or rewrapped for an occasion to surprise them!

  12. I LOVE THIS. And I even saw the little guy and thought "CUTE!" before you made him sound creepy.

    And it made me write a post about leaving love notes for my husband! I linked to your post!


  13. This is all kinds of adorable and cute and romantic. I love it.

  14. That just makes me smile because:
    1. In my family house we would do the same with a sculpture of Francis of Assisi (now you don’t judge us ;)), actually my dad would do it. And that was like like you are in the middle of putting your socks on and suddenly you notice that HE is looking at you from the top of your wardrobe.
    2. Last year me and my flatmate tested our other flatmate's mental health and would hide a toy giraffe in various places, for example squeezed it into her thermal mug...:)

    So give Francis's and the giraffe's kind regards to your adorable pirate!
    (and be aware that you have a big fan in Poland :))

  15. That is an absolutely gorgeous game <3

  16. That is so fun and cute!

  17. Aww that's so sweet! I hope my future husband will do funny things like that!

  18. I love little inside jokes like that! Especially the ones that continue to be funny throughout the years and the random hiding places. Great post :)

  19. Hehe. I love it! My husband and his buds do that at work...I'm thinking we should bring that idea home! Too cute.

  20. So, I saw these photos on your Flickr feed recently and was wondering what the H this was! How cute :)

  21. Ha! I love this! It's great to hear about little things that other couples do to make each other smile :)

  22. How cute! This is much better than notes because it's uniquely yours!

  23. Love it. We have a Buford. He's a wind-up, plastic Elvis impersonator.


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