January 17, 2012

on a little shop update...

embossed gift tags.

Embossed banner gift tags (set of 10): $4.00

rosette headband.
rosette headband.

Rosette headbands (3 colors available!): $12.00

yarn wreath.

Yarn wreath, butter & teal: $25.00

yarn wreath.

Yarn wreath, purple & teal: $25.00

felt wallet
felt wallet.

Felt wallets (3 colors available!): $16.75

I've also added a limited quantity of made-to-order eisley necklaces and earrings, so feel free to take a gander! For the next few weeks I'm going to be busting a move over here, and hope to have more items/colors to choose from within the next few weeks...

Coming soon: New notecard and gift tag designs, baby headbands, rosette brooches, ruffled felt wallets, and new jewelry styles. Here's to crafty, crafty nap-times! Hurrah!


  1. Oooh, these colors are all so pretty! I adore the headband with the aqua and mustard!!

  2. Everything is super cute, but those wreaths especially strike my fancy! Awesome, Kerri!

  3. I am SLACK-JAWED at the wreaths. That mustard-and-teal one will be MINE. *Runs to Etsy*

    *Checks bank account*

    It will be MINE...in two weeks.

  4. These are so lovely! I am particularly smitten with the wreaths! Will you do them in other colours, do you think?

    1. Aw, thank you so much! I'll definitely be doing them in more colors. For the time being, I've told myself that I need to use the supplies I have on hand before buying new ones, though…heehee…

  5. I am wondering about your wreaths. I want to hang it on my front door, do you think it would hold up if it got wet?

  6. Thanks for the question, Abby! The wreaths *should* hold up okay under the elements; however, the felt and yarn may become discolored. I would recommend keeping it on a door that is at least covered in some way, so that it doesn't get direct rain. No matter what, you will be able to enjoy it longer if it is instead kept inside! (I know that yarn tends to discolor if it is in direct sunlight for a long period of time.)


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