January 8, 2012

on 2011...

I apparently never wrote one of these posts last year, but I figured I should sit down and do one for 2011, considering it was so full of blissful and busy moments! It definitely deserves to be revisited. Here is a bit of what happened in my world during the past year:

January: The word for the year ahead was "embrace". I was enjoying my second month of pregnancy, although I hadn't yet broken the news to anyone but family and close friends. My older sister, brother-in-law and adorable nephew came for a visit. I held tightly to simple moments of contentment.

February: I reached my second trimester and finally introduced everyone to my little nugget! I caught every cold in the universe, which was fun. We made the decision to stay in our duplex, instead of moving somewhere bigger. I made a list of simple pleasures and tried a new craft that turned out only slightly awkward. Jay and I celebrated five years of marriage.

March: I felt the wee one move for the first time. I wondered whether we were having a boy or a girl…only to have the mystery last a few weeks longer. I worked incredibly long hours and tried to keep my chin up. Oh, and I made a pretty necklace.

April: Early in the month, I made a few confessions. My intuition finally kicked in, and I started to think I was having a girl. I shared a belly photo and some musings on the realities of pregnancy. Jay and I finally found out we were having a girl!

May: I took a trip to Virginia to visit my parents and two of my sisters, which was the greatest ever. I did a bit of crafting when I could, but felt generally overwhelmed with life. I wrote down a few promises to my daughter.

June: I was thrilled to have hit 500 sales in my shop! Hurrah! I shared my love of lotus bowls and succulents, as well as some of my favorite memories of my mom. I somehow survived what is now known as "the great couch shenanigan". I wrote about my parents.

July: As the size of my belly (and ankles) grew, I wrote about expectations, realities and pregnancy cravings. I QUIT FACEBOOK! (Yes, that deserves all caps.) I announced my decision to become a stay-at-home-mama, and the name we had chosen for our daughter. Two friends threw me a couple of the sweetest baby showers ever.

August: I couldn't believe my pregnancy was nearly done! Ahhh! I wrote thank-you notes and was the token pregnant lady at Jay's bar-hopping 30th birthday. I wrote some final thoughts on pregnancy. On the 13th (five days before my due date), Eisley arrived! I celebrated my 27th birthday with Pizza Hut pizza, my husband and a screamy/snuggly baby. Two weeks after her birth, I wrote down a few thoughts for Eisley.

September: I realized just how much my life had changed. Jay went back to work after being home with Eisley and I for a month, which was pretty hard. I shared my birth story and one of my favorite photos in the world. I became grateful for salted caramel ice cream, my husband's patience and cosleeping. I kind of missed being pregnant.

October: I shared my thoughts on my post-baby body. I did a bit of crafting, wrote many to-do lists, and turned Eisley into the world's cutest little flower for Halloween. I creeped you out with my ghost story.

November: I shared a few scattered thoughts, as well as a list of things I do to annoy my husband. I stressed out a lot and tried to make it through each day without completely losing my mind. Making some fabric necklaces helped. We enjoyed our first Thanksgiving as a family of three!

December: Eisley giggled that one time. I was able to create handmade gifts for almost everyone on our list, and even shipped out all our packages in time! I decided to send out Christmas cards for the first time in years, and shared some holiday photo outtakes. I tried to embrace a new hair color and shared some advice with one of my sisters. Christmas came and went and was absolutely fantastic.

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  1. What an amazing year you had!

  2. just discovered you via google...it's fun to see another precious Eisley in the world :)

  3. What a great post! I remember most of these posts, such a wonderful year for you! It feels like just the other day when you posted the picture of the positive pregnancy test with the tree in the background. Oh, how time flies!

  4. Its amazing how many things happen in one year when it feels like it flies by sooooo fast!!


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