December 16, 2011

on month three...

three months.

(Cutest hat in the world created by Emma!)

So, I am completely and entirely late in posting this, considering Eisley is now four months old. But let's just go back in time to that glorious month three and relive some of the happy moments, shall we? (And keep in mind that certain things have changed like woah. I will be doing her month four post next week, as long as I don't completely lose my mind between now and then.)

Oh, month three. You were the best.

Eisley had finally settled in to some sort of routine, and our days became much more predictable. Once she hit three months, she also seemed much more "human", for lack of a better word. It's like she all of a sudden became a tiny person with a real personality! I loved seeing her look into my eyes, knowing that she really recognized me as her mama, and that I had the power to bring out that sweet little smile.

Here are a few of our favorite things from month three:
  • She finally graduated out of newborn clothes and into 0-3 month! Granted, there are still two of my favorite newborn outfits floating around in the closet somewhere. What can I say? I'm emo.
  • Finally! A giggle!
  • Our night routine was absolutely wonderful. I never did any sort of sleep training, but it just sort of worked itself out after a while. She would go to sleep sometime between 6 and 8PM, and would usually sleep for 11+ hours with only one wake-up to eat. It was pure bliss. For the first time in months, I was able to sleep for at least six hours straight each night.
  • She was consistently taking at least 3 (usually 4) naps each day. I finally felt like I could start catching up on the rest of life.
  • All of a sudden, breastfeeding became the easiest thing in the world. It was a huge, huge relief. I really never thought we'd ever reach that point, but it's like one day everything just clicked! It made me want to run around telling every new mom, "DON'T GIVE UP! IT GETS BETTER! SWEARSIES!" (Not really sure if "swearsies" is even a word. Just go with it, people.)
  • She finally started to enjoy "tummy time" without screaming bloody murder.
  • Her favorite thing was (and still is) to stand up. Of course, we always hold her securely, but the girl has what we like to call "runners legs"—thanks to her marathoning father, of course. It's kind of hilarious to see a baby that small standing up without wobbling at all, with us only holding her hands.
  • Her hair that fell out after she was born started to grow back in. Not long enough for a french braid yet, which is probably a good thing.
I know there are hundreds of other things, but they seem to have escaped me (which is why I need to stop waiting so long to write these updates!). Anyhow, a month four update will be coming soon, so I'm sure I'll have a bit more to write about.

In any case, month three was a good one. I started to feel more confident. She started to be a bit more familiar, instead of this wild, raging baby that was a complete and utter mystery. I struggled a lot with anxiety, guilt and stress (which is another post in itself), but came out on the other side feeling much more brave, strong and…confidently mommy-ish.

It's all a part of the journey, right? Right.


  1. part of the journey? That IS the journey. A constant cycle of self-doubt and euphoric love. She's a keeper that E, especially with ears!

  2. love hearing about all of this. she is so sweet and that hat is adorable.

  3. I can't believe she's already four months old!

    Also, Eisley with a French braid? Made me giggle.

  4. She is the sweetest thing ever! I love the hat!

  5. I just love that first photo. So sweet!

  6. She's so adorable in that hat :) I was so overwhelmed when my son was born that I didn't even bother with monthly updates until he was 8 months old. Now I wish I had taken the time to do the monthly pictures/updates earlier - they change so much in a month!

  7. Those photos are killing me. So adorbs.

    I just... how is she already four months old? When did THAT happen?

  8. That is just the most adorable thing I've ever seen.

    And "swearsies" is absolutely a word. If it wasn't before it certainly is now! ;)

  9. Adorable.

    And so good to hear the "Don't give up" bit. Today of all days, I needed that.

  10. Great to hear it was such a good month for you. It IS good to hear the "don't give up part" because honestly, between breastfeeding, lack of sleep and anxiety, some days are just plain HARD! Keep it up, girl!

  11. Oh I'm so glad Bf-ing is working out! And that it took awhile to get used to. I think I gave up too early with Ephram but I didn't know if it was the surgery (and therefore his separation from the boo for 2 weeks) that was doing it or just our learning curve. Next time I'm definitely sticking with it to see if it gets better.


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