November 25, 2011

on a Black Friday deal...

Free shipping on Black Friday!

Clickety click right here to shop! Please note this special offer is only good through the end of the day, expiring at midnight tonight, and is for US shipping only. New items have just been added, as well as a limited quantity of made-to-order necklaces and earrings. Hurrah!

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  1. Kerri-

    I just (like literally 5 seconds ago) got my earrings that I ordered and they are adorable! I am so in love! Also- I had to to tell you, since I am a marketing freak, your image is superb. This is my first order from your store, and I have to say...from the box and doily, business card, and even the packaging fit exactly how...I would anticipate, just by being an avid reader of your blog. SO CUTE!

    Thanks so much, and sorry for my marketing obsessiveness!


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